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Literary Escort Services Podcast:  The Lost Episodes
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  10 Apr 2009

You have may noticed that the episodes released for Literary Escort Services Podcast are out of order.  The first eight episodes of Season 1 have been released, as have episodes 2-4 of Season 2.  As implied by dialogue in Season 2, Season 1 had two final episodes that have never been released, along with the first episode of Season 2.


We know that this can be confusing, but there’s a reason for it.  Our other commitments have sidelined post-production on the show.  Recording of all episodes in both seasons has been complete for a good year and a half.


The problem with Season 1’s final two episodes is that, while they are short, they do not feature Gregory Wilde.  Their content is solely my own, and I’ve never been satisfied with them.


Season 2’s first episode has long been almost ready for publication.  But because of the “previously on” segment, introduced with Season 2, the final version of this first episode is dependent on those missing two episodes of Season 1.  The inclusion of clips from these shows is the only reason why this episode hasn’t been released.


The reason we released episodes 2-4 of Season 2 is that they were already in their complete form and were just sitting around.  With no idea when we’d get back to post-production, we thought we’d get these finished episodes out there, since they were proud of them, even if they were out of sequence.  We figured that they could be appreciated without the missing episodes, because of the “previously on” segment.


In any case, I’m finally working to rectify this situation.  Season 1’s episode 9 is complete, as is Season 2’s episode 5.  Both should be appearing shortly.


Upon the completion of the final episode of Season 1, the first episode of Season 2 will be released in short order – since all that’s missing is the clips for the “previously on” segment.


Season 2’s episode 6 is mostly edited, and the remainder of Season 2 is sitting in raw, recorded form.  I’m not certain how long Season 2 will run, once all of this recorded material is properly formatted, but it will be at least 12 episodes, most likely 14.


We haven’t given up on the show, and I’m committed to completing post-production and concluding both seasons.  Again, all the material has already been recorded… and it’s just a matter of finding the time to spruce it up and release it.

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