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Podcast Season 2 Coming
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  16 Sep 2008

Gregory Wilde and I are hard at work on Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2.

That's right... the popular but delayed podcast, which has had eight episodes to date, is coming back -- with its full original cast.

The original podcast, originally weekly, ran into delays as life intervened and the post-production process grew more and more protracted.  Eight episodes have been issued, and what is now Season 1 will see two more episodes before coming to a close.

How Gregory Wilde rejoined the show, after the events of Season 1, will be addressed at the beginning of Season 2.

While each episode is in some stage of post-production, about ten episodes of Season 2 have already been recorded, so the material is there.  Moreover, once we start, we're so far ahead that Season 2 should be able to run weekly, at least for some time.

Thanks for bearing with us, and we look forward to hearing your responses about Season 2.

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