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Eleven Months
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  1 Jun 2008

Eleven months.  448 items.  And a beautiful site.

Last month was the first month this calendar year in which we offered a new item every single day.

We also added a podcast, done by me and Gregory Wilde.  Creatively titled Literary Escort Services Podcast, it was published weekly throughout the month and will continue this month.  Last Monday's episode was the best ever, and tomorrow's episode way, way better.

Last month, we also completed the serialization of Lavina, a sexual epic poem in some 12 books.

And we offered the brilliant debut of Ninjapug, the cutest and most violent 10-minute animated series ever.

On the programming side, we also added RSS feeds, not only for the overall site but for each section (for those only interested in, say, poetry) and for the podcast.

It's been a good month, and we're already set to do it better in June -- as we lead up to our one-year anniversary on 1 July.

Be there -- and please, please tell someone.

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