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Getting Up Again
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  1 May 2008

Today is 1 May.  May Day.  The first anniversary of the day I originally wanted to launch the site.

Back then, people weren't up to speed yet and begged for more time.  They never got up to speed.  I designed the site and finally forced a launch, but we always struggled with keeping up with content -- and the disparity between promises made and content delivered.  We were overly ambitious.

Early this year, the demands of this system caused us to collapse.  We never stopped delivering content entirely, but it slowed considerably.  Last month, we started coming back.

Now, with the return of Greg Wilde to the site, I'm proud to announce that we're officially a daily once again.  That's right:  new content every day.  (In fact, we ran new content for most of April as well, getting us back up to speed.)  Greg and I will be writing the bulk of the work, with others stepping in as their submissions warrant.

So we're getting up again, getting back on the horse, and setting goals.

We do offer a lot, especially for such a young site.  As a matter of fact, this is our 417th item -- pretty damn good.  Yeah, I've written most of what the site currently offers.  But we've had far more content in less than a year of operation, including the trickle earlier this year, than most literary websites.

We've always been proud of our very unique site design, which will some day be heralded as a turning point in web design.  But there are a lot of bells and whistles that we never programmed, since we were fighting to get contributors to produce.  We're going to address that in the months to come.

In fact, you may have noticed that we've added RSS feeds, available at the bottom of each item.  Boy, these things have gotten popular quickly.  We have one general RSS feed for the site and one for each category.  That way, if you're only interested in poetry, you don't have to suffer through the rest of our drivel.  Our RSS feeds only feature descriptions, not full content, but all you have to do is click through to go straight to the item in question.

What we really need now is readership.  If you like the site, all three of you, please, please, please tell a friend.  Spread the word.  Encourage writers and artists you know to contribute.  It's a beautiful site.  It represents a ton of work.  Yes, it needs more contributors.  But it also needs a regular readership.  So give us one, people.

Submissions and suggestions are always wanted.  You can e-mail them to

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