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Falling Down
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  1 Feb 2008

We'd like to take this opportunity to appologize for the drop-off in new material in January.  The whole second half of last year was frantic, with me trying to find and schedule new material and our contributors desperately trying to keep up.  The schedule began to brake late last year, and it frankly collapsed in the first month of the new year.

When I decided to launch Literary Escort Services, we had a number of writers and artists who had promised to provide a great deal of material -- from once to thrice per week.  Two items per day seemed conservative compared to these promises.  But these promises quickly fell through -- intent being just that.

I'm not blaming anyone:  people have lives and creative insecurities, and I more or less tried to trust them to produce on their own, not being able to run the site in the long term in any other fashion.  But not everyone is as personally motivated as an artist.  I'm not trying to blame anyone here, merely explain.  For all I know, I could have personally alienated people, leaving them alone to write when they needed proding that I couldn't provide.

For a long time, I tried to increase my output to compensate, but that probably only accentuated the pressure.  Not only did that make this even more my site -- the one with Julian Darius stuff, programmed and edited by him, with occasional stuff by others -- but it may have also intimidated and alienated others.  I probably should have dropped down to one item per day immediately, but I held on to the initially conservative two-items-per-day schedule, trying to motivate others to submit material rather than drop our goals.  It was my mistake.

As the last half of the year wore on, I filled the schedule with established writer's work, sometimes in newly edited editions, and with the Taboo Haiku series, which was easily produced.  I don't think that the Taboo Haiku was filler at all -- though maybe silly.  But programming them so heavy only made the site seem more naughty and silly, and this may have further kept some people from submitting material.

It was a situation that could not continue, and it finally collapsed last month.

But we're not going anywhere.  I'll try to have one item per day in January.  If they're mostly mine, so be it.  If days are missed, days are missed.  But we'll have new content.  We'll continue, and perhaps in time, as we garner new contributors to replace the old ones, we can diversify and offer more than one item per day.  In the meantime, we'll operate on a stripped-down basis, slowly building back up from where we are now.

I hope you like what we've done so far.  I'm sorry our ambition outstripped our resources.  But we remain here for the long haul, and we hope sincerely that you will be too.

Any submissions can be sent to me at  Please use "Literary Escort Services submission" as the subject line.

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