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Half-Year Anniversary
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  1 Jan 2008

Today is our six-month anniversary.  Literary Escort Services has been active for half a year now, and we'd like to tell you where we are and where we're going.

I think we've been strong overall.  We've had a number of contributors, of various styles and to varied tastes.  We've had a wide diversity of offerings, from non-fiction to comic book scripts, from prose fiction to artwork.  And we've run the gamut in terms of content, from short children's stories to erotic poetic epic poetry.

We've also offered two items per day, ever since our launch on 1 July 2007 -- at least up untill December 2007, when we shifted to one per day, with some days having two.  The reason is that we just don't have the time and material to continue at two items per day.  It's been exhausting.

It's particularly been exhausting for me.  I've personally authored about half of our entire offerings.  Other writers have done great jobs, but it's frankly been hard to come up with one item not by me per day.  We've always had the idea to offer pre-existing work by classic writers, sometimes in new translations and with new audio readings, and this has helped us meet our deadlines.  We've also been aided in the last couple months by our Taboo Haiku series, which is certainly amusing and worthwhile but has represented too much of our overall offerings during this time.

Because of this, we'll be limiting our Taboo Haiku to one ever two days this month.  We'll also be limited ourselves to a more occasional schedule:  one per day, we hope, but no promises.

We'll also be adding ads for the first time -- trying to recoup some of those server costs and man hours.

Thanks for being here, and please tell a friend!

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