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by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  1 Sep 2007

As of today, Literary Escort Services has been live for two months.  It's time to turn loose.

For two months, we've offered two items per day.  In fact, this bit of site news here is is the 132nd item we've offered in our site's short life -- a Hurculean task for a site with no budget.  We've featured contributions from various people in all sorts of styles, genres, and media.  Hey, we wanted to show you what we could do.

Now, we open things up to longer works.  Previously, we've sometimes split series up, with gaps between installments, thereby emphasizing our diversity.  We're now going to try running series on consecutive days, turning the focus towards the magnitude of what we mean to accomplish.

To be sure, we'll continue to run shorter pieces.  We're certainly not closing ourselves off to anything.  But we want to be a place where longer, perhaps more substantial pieces are important too.

So, starting tomorrow, my own non-fiction study, "The English Renaissance Audience," begins.  It's a substantial guide to Renaissance literature, or at least poetry and drama, from the perspective of how the audience influenced composition.  Following that, we begin a photographic series on Venice -- continuing what's become one of our foci:  photographs of exotic locales.

That's right:  both of the series mentioned above are by me.  I regret that.  I wish we had the contributions required to expand our offerings -- but, believe me, it's a giant struggle to maintain a single item per day that's not by me.  We had a slew of contributors planned long before our launch, all promising a set minimum of pieces per week -- almost all of whom never produced anything, leading me to reach out and recruit most of the people whose work you've ultimately seen.  For my part, I've got a massive backlog of material, finished and unfinished, that I'm exploiting, polishing up and turning loose.  But I'm aware that we need more contributors -- and for my own work to account for something less than 50% of site output.

On that note, please keep the contributions coming.  You can e-mail me about them at -- I'm always glad to receive them.

That having been said, you can also tell a friend or blog about us.  We won't object!  In fact, it'd be nice to have more than our paltry traffic to show for all our hard work.

Thanks to all of our contributors and to all of you readers (all two or so)!

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