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One Month Anniversary
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  1 Aug 2007

Today, Literary Escort Services turns one month old.

In July, our first month of operation, we offered a solid two items per day, with the exception of the first.  On 1 July, to celebrate our launch, we offered eight items.  That's a total of 68 items in our first month alone.  In fact, counting the item that announced that the site was coming, the item you're now reading is already our 70th.  No small feat (and no small amount of work) for a small operation.

We'll also be offering two items per day throughout August.  By the end of this month, we'll have 131 items in just two months.  We'd like to offer more items per day in the future, but we don't want to rush things.  Any daily schedule is a grind.  We need to know that, when and if we do expand our number of daily offerings, we'll be able to meet the new schedule consistently and without a drop in quality -- we're doing this right.

Besides our content, we're also proud of our site design.  As the site's sole programmer, it's easy for me to think of all the things left to do.  But everyone who visits the site seems blown away by its design, which means a great deal to me.

One of the things that sets us apart, besides not being stuffy about our art and not fearing adult content, is the fact that we offer audio with so many items.  We encourage our authors to read their own material, but cannot force them to do so.  If you want an author to provide these files, you should badger him or her to do so.  Seriously.  We'd like to see everyone provide audio as much as you would.

All that self-praise dispensed with, there are things we could do better, and -- in the interest of full disclosure -- I'm going to confess them here.

We need more diversity in our authors.  We have had a number of authors, but they haven't produced at equal rates:  my own work, in particular, represents about half of our July content.  In many cases, people who have promised work have been slow in delivering -- an understandable issue when dealing with largely unpublished writers who simply need more time to feel their work is of the appropriate quality.

Our need for more diversity filters down to our various sections.  Poetry and fine art have had three contributors, fiction two.  Non-fiction and scripts have had only one, and we haven't yet had a multimedia item.  While this is perhaps pardonable (we certainly don't want to force our contributors to work in media they don't want to work in), we recognize the problem and are taking steps to correct it.

We also haven't had any nude photography yet, which we always saw as part of what we wanted to offer.  The people we thought would produce nude photography simply haven't done so for their own reasons.  Again, we remain committed to providing a home to quality nude photography, but it's only one part of our overall artistic mission -- and we don't want to force it.

The site also could have more racial and gender diversity.  As seen by our fine art's delightful focus on foreign locales, our contributors visit the globe -- but that diversity isn't reflected in their demographics.  While this may be an artificial consideration, and certainly isn't as important as maintaining quality, we would like our contributors to be more diverse.

And then there's the programming left to do -- not a lot, but still representing meaningful changes.

If you're interested in contributing, please e-mail me at  Someday soon, you'll be able to donate too.  In the meantime, please tell people about the site.  We're busting our asses here, and it'd be nice to have an audience.  Thanks!

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