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by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  1 Jul 2007

Today, Literary Escort Services formally launches.

Our mission is simple:  to provide high-quality art, including non-fiction, fiction, poetry, scripts, fine art, and multimedia files -- material that pushes, expands, and redefines our definitions of high art.  We believe in diversity of subject, of style, and of medium, and that each individual work is enhanced by being put in juxtaposition with this otherness.

We'll be providing this diversity primarily online, although we'll also publish books, CDs, and other merchandise.

That's the basic essential core of our mission, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Let's address one elephant in the corner:  we're committed not just to quality art, but to adult writing and nude photography -- and to seeing that, like any genre, as part of quality art.  We don't know precisely how often we'll offer nudes, nor how popular they'll be, nor how many readers we might alienate by this choice of bedfellows.  Addressing sex in writing seems more socially acceptable than in imagery, especially online.  We'll do both -- hardly at the exclusion of other subjects, but as a major part of life and art.  To pretend otherwise would be to sin against more than our mission.

We also want to give exposure to writers and artists with demonstrable and sometimes explosive talent but who, often due to the vagaries of corporate mass culture, haven't found outlets in more conventional media.  You probably won't know a lot of our contributors, but we stand by their quality.  We're open to contributors at any level of fame, but we take especial pride in being the place where talented people go to make their reputations.

We also want to do this with a slick, friendly website with a truly unique look and design.

Wherever possible, we want to seamlessly include audio files of our writers actually reading their work, letting you hear the rhythms and tone they find in their words, or  our artists commenting on their artwork.  We want these files to be easily downloadable in mp3 format, added to your computer's music library and exported to peripherals like personal digital music players.  (Yes, you can play our audio downloads on the iPod.)

We also want a fully-fledged, searchable image apparatus, the likes of which you're not likely to find with online literary magazines.  Despite our name, fine art isn't an afterthought here:  to us, all various artistic media are interconnected.

Finally, we want you to know that we're here for the long haul and that we'll keep to a schedule.  We'll offer two items a day throughout July, beyond our opening day deluge, and we're hoping to be able to expand that quantity in coming months.

We're debuting a large number of new pieces on our first day to showcase our diversity.  We hope you like what you see.

If you do, consider a donation to help us with server costs or to subsidize a little of our time.  We also have gear available for sale.  But whatever you do, please tell someone about the site, whether online or in person:  word of mouth is the best gift you can give us.

Thanks.  We hope you enjoy your visit and that this is the beginning of a long relationship.

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