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Debuting 1 July 2007
by Julian X  /  sitenews  /  14 Mar 2007

This site, Literary Escort Services (, will be formally launching on 1 July 2007.  At that time, the site will begin to feature new and daily content.

Our general mission is simple:  to mesh the high literary with the vital real avant-garde that high literary circles often miss.  Readable academic non-fiction will blend comfortably with lively, vital, intelligent essays on popular culture.  From fiction that cuts like a knife to fresh nude photography, all will have a home here.

All of that starts on the first of July.  Until then, while we're laboring to ready everything behind the scenes, you can watch the look and the feel of the site develop.

We've got a great and exciting future ahead of us, so tune in and be part of it starting on 1 July.

Finally, though we won't have occasion to say it nearly enough in the future, thanks for reading.  This whole project, and all of the countless hours it represents, would be worthless without you.

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