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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

10 Apr 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast:  The Lost Episodes (by Julian X)  Getting caught up on the podcast.
16 Sep 2008  Podcast Season 2 Coming (by Julian X)  New material coming soon.
1 Jul 2008  One-Year Anniversary (by Julian X)  A look back on the occasion of our one-year anniversary.
1 Jun 2008  Eleven Months (by Julian X)  A short note, after an eventful month, as we close in on our one-year anniversary.
1 May 2008  Getting Up Again (by Julian X)  Our new objectives for May -- and a plea to let people know about the site.
1 Feb 2008  Falling Down (by Julian X)  On soldiering on.
1 Jan 2008  Half-Year Anniversary (by Julian X)  Where we are and where we're going after six months.
1 Dec 2007  Five Months (by Julian X)  Where we are on our fifth-month anniversary.
1 Nov 2007  Four Months (by Julian X)  Coming this month on Literary Escort Services.
1 Oct 2007  First Quarter (by Julian X)  A short notice upon our three-month anniversary.
1 Sep 2007  Once More with Feeling (by Julian X)  On our two-month anniversary and how it's time to begin some long-form projects.
1 Aug 2007  One Month Anniversary (by Julian X)  Where we are and where we're going.
1 Jul 2007  Launch Party (by Julian X)  What is Literary Escort Services?
14 Mar 2007  Debuting 1 July 2007 (by Julian X)  Announcing Literary Escort Services, servicing artistic desire since 1599.

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