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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

by Julian X  /  scripts  /  21 Jul 2007

This story runs 10 pages.  It is a little artistic sequence showing some of the ninjas training in the compound seen in Peace [a graphic novel I've written].  I've placed this story here, early in the short story sequence, because of it's artistic nature:  my feeling is that it would be buried in the middle -- even dismissed if sandwiched between longer, more plot-driven tales.  The Irene we see here is a fully fledged ninja:  the story thus occurs after the events of Peace.

This story was originally written from in the evening of 30 January 2002.

Page 1
1.          A large establishing shot of the ninja compound from Peace.  There's a layer of beautiful white snow on the ground.  We see a group of Japanese men gathered in an imperfect circle.  One man stands out as a little more in the center than the others.  He holds a headband.
2.          A shot of the man who stands out.  He is holding the headband up, about to put it on his head.
3.          A shot of the man securing the headband around his eyes.

Page 2
1.          A shot of the man in the headband being handed a wooden sword.
2.          A shot of him holding it awkwardly, looking around.
3.          A shot of him being hit in the leg by a wooden sword, originating off-panel.
4.          The blindfolded man, his leg collapsing, falling to the ground.
5.          The blindfolded man on the ground, being hit repeatedly by wooden swords originating off-panel.

Page 3
This page should have a black background on which the panels are set.
1.          The blindfolded man getting himself upright again, no swords or people near.
2.          The blindfolded man standing with his sword.  The blindfolded man:  "Master, there are too many of them.  I cannot ... ."
3.          The blindfolded man standing as he was, only now against a black background, all sense of setting lost.  Caption:  "My master gives no answer, so I answer for him."

Page 4
1.          Similar to the preceding panel, except that here a wooded sword, its hilt visible but its holder not, is swinging at his head.  Caption:  "He tells me that if I cannot hear, I should listen, taste, feel, sense with my instinct."
2.          A similar shot, only here the blindfolded man swings his sword up and blocks.
3.          A similar shot, only here the same wooden sword, held by the same invisible person, hits his leg, knocking it forward.
4.          A similar shot, only here the man is stumbling.  The wooden sword sweeps away from his leg.

Page 5
1.          A similar shot, only here the sword is sweeping back and towards the falling man's neck.
2.          A close-up of the sword hitting the man's neck on a black background.  Caption:  "The sword stops at my neck, not hitting me at all."
3.          A shot, on a black background, of the man collapsing while his head is held still on the wooden sword.  He reaches up with his non-sword hand to grab the sword against his neck.  Caption:  "But it is held with such a grip that it seems to keep me aloft as I fall.  Instinctively, I reach up for it."
4.          A similar shot of the man, now frantic.  The man's hand is grabbing the sword against his neck.  But we also see a floating foot -- just a bare foot, attached to nothing -- kicking him in the chest.  Caption:  "My desperation keeps me from sensing the foot until I feel it on my chest." 

Page 6
1.          A larger profile shot of the man collapsing backward, his body all contorted.
2.          Another large shot, this time of the man's crumpled body lying backwards on the ground.

Page 7
1-3.       A sequence of shots in which the man climbs to his feet.  They no longer have black backgrounds.
4.          The blindfolded man standing, ready with his sword but seriously bruised, one hand holding his neck.  Not a black background.
5.          Tight on the blindfolded man's blindfold.  Blindfolded man:  "Master, this is impossible.  I apologize, but I cannot fight like this." 

Page 8
Three tier-wide panels.
1.          A small shot of the blindfolded man removing his blindfold.  This shot is a bit off-center, leaving some black space at the right of the panel.
2.          A large shot of the surroundings, showing all the people standing around, watching from a distance.  Near the formerly blindfolded man is Irene from Peace.  She is wearing a blindfold.
3.          A small close-up shot of Irene's face in the blindfold.  The artistic style is more stylized, more black-and-white charcoal than anything.  This shot is a bit off-center, leaving some black space at the left of the panel.

Page 9
A shot of Irene standing, sword relaxed at side, wearing her blindfold.  The shot is divided into two halves, each a tier wide.  Snowflakes white out little portions of the shot.

Page 10
A close-up on Irene's face, blindfolded.  The snowflakes are much bigger here, whiting out much larger areas -- as in The Invisibles, Volume Three #1.

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