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The Pug and the Finch
by Julian X  /  scripts  /  19 Apr 2009

The animals depicted in this story should be depicted realistically and not anthropomorphized.


Page 1

Tiny finches eating seeds on a green lawn, with trees at the page’s edges.  Fincha should be colored a little differently, to set her off from the other finches:  perhaps with a big of color on her neck.  We could even ignore realism, since this isn’t a totally realistic story anyway, and have her wear a tiny pink handkerchief around her neck, not unlike what a dog is sometimes given when he visits a groomer.

Caption:  “Fincha used to live with the rest of the finches.”

Caption:  “On the grass between the trees, the tiny finches would play and search for seeds to eat.”

Caption:  “They were little more than an inch long, not counting their heads and tails.”


Page 2

Looking up at a large number of finches taking flight, silhouetted against the sun as they lift their tiny bodies into the trees.

Caption:  “But, knowing they were small and fragile, whenever another animal strode nearby, they would fly away, warning each other with their little chirps.”


Page 3

A pug, sniffing and snorting the grass near the finches.  Those closest to him are flying away, making sure to stay at least a good six feet or so from him.

Caption:  “One day, a pug strode past, snorting and sniffing and inspecting the grass.”


Page 4

Fincha on a tiny branch with some other finches, amongst other foliage, looking down at the pug, who’s just down there, sniffing around.

Caption:  “The finches flew up to the trees to get away from that pug.  ‘He’s big and scary,’ said one finch.  ‘He’s weird,’ said another.  But Fincha didn’t think so.”


Page 5

Fincha in the foreground, staring down at the pug as he seems to smile, while he’s playing in the grass.

Caption:  “The pug came by every day after that, and each time the finches flew away.”

Caption:  “But Fincha was falling in love with him.”


Page 6

The same image, but with the pug in the foreground and Fincha, recognizable amongst the other finches in the tree, looking down at him.  We should see the pug’s features, in the foreground.  He is oblivious to the finches watching him.

Caption:  “She loved his wrinkly face.”

Caption:  “She loved that curly tail of his.”

Caption:  “She loved the way he snorted and sniffed around.”

Caption:  “She loved how wonderfully different he was, and she sensed he meant no harm.”


Page 7

Fincha with the other finches as the pug approaches.  He’s not charging them, just sniffing around.

Caption:  “She waited for the pug each day.  ‘When is that pug going to come?’ she chirped to ask the other finches.  ‘Who cares?’ one answered.  ‘I found a seed,’ said another.”


Page 8

Fincha flying away, after lingering behind as the other finches fly away, in response to the approaching pug.  She’s clearly lingering, but she still flies away.

Caption:  “She could not tell the other finches about her love.”

Caption:  “They thought the pug was ugly, and he frightened them.  They would think she was weird if they knew she loved a pug.”

Caption:  “So, although she lingered longer than the rest, she flew away with the other finches, every time the pug got close.”


Page 9

Fincha again looking down on the pug, who’s sniffing obliviously.

Caption:  “What Fincha feared most was that, if she tried to tell the pug, he might not love her back.  Then all the finches would make fun of her for loving a pug, and she would have no pug and no home.”

Caption:  “So Fincha came up with a plan.”


Page 10

Similar to the previous image, this time the pug approaches and the other finches fly away.  But Fincha, instead of lingering a bit behind them, remains in place, pecking for seeds and not looking at the pug.

Caption:  “One day, she did not fly away with the other finches.  Instead, she stayed, pecking at the grass, as if she did not see him.”


Page 11

The finches looking down at Fincha, who remains in place as the pug approaches.

Caption:  “‘Fincha, come!’ the other finches cried out to her.  ‘Fly!’ they begged her, worried for her safety.”

Caption:  “But she pretended not to hear.”


Page 12

Fincha in the foreground, looking up at this enormous pug face, as he sniffs her.

Caption:  “The pug strolled up to her and sniffed her, and she looked into his enormous, bulging eyes.”

Caption:  “Fincha was scared, even though she thought he was a gentle pug.  She felt his hot breath and knew he could have bitten her and hurt her.”


Page 13

The pug walking and sniffing around as Fincha hops by his side.

Caption:  “When he was done sniffing and inspecting her, he kept right on sniffing around.  She hopped along beside him, and he was careful not to step on her.”

Caption:  “Even when he walked away, she hopped along by his side.”


Page 14

The pug standing in front of Fincha, putting his head on the ground as if to create a ramp up to his shoulders.

Caption:  “The pug saw that she wanted to be with him and thought that she must be tired from all this hopping.”

Caption:  “So the pug leaned over and gestured with his head, trying to get her to climb on his back.”


Page 15

Fincha on the pug’s back, up by his shoulders.  They look happy and content together.  This has got to be a cute image, showing these two animals together like this.

Caption:  “Fincha flew up on his back and stayed there as he walked away.”

Caption:  “She was so happy that she never wanted to leave his back.”

Caption:  “She felt so safe up there, with this huge pug to protect her.  ‘I will never have to fly away again,’ she told herself.”


Page 16

Fincha on the pug’s back as he sniffs around in a forest.

Caption:  “The pug had no humans to take care of him.  He was a lonely pug, and he liked having a companion.”


Page 17

In the forest, the pug stares with a happy face at Fincha, as she chirps and dances in the foreground.

Caption:  “He loved how happy she was just to see him, and he could see how deeply she loved him.”

Caption:  “He came to love the way she chirped and seemed to dance and hop around on her little legs.”


Page 18

The pug in the forest, howling for an absent Fincha.

Caption:  “She left his back only to look for seeds to eat.”

Caption:  “If she was gone too long, he howled pitifully, calling for her to return to his back.”


Page 19

Fincha flying back to him, landing on his back.  He looks so happy to see her.

Caption:  “And as he spent more and more time with her, he realized that he loved her too.”


Page 20

Another image of Fincha on his back, the two of them happy together.  This image is meant to encapsulate the characters’ new status quo, as we move ahead.

Caption:  “They were a strange pair, it is true.  But they loved each other deeply.”


Page 21

The pug sound asleep in the woods, with Fincha curled up at his pudgy pug stomach.

Caption:  “At night, she would sleep against his pudgy stomach, and his heartbeat would calm her and put her to sleep.”


Page 22

Fincha on the pug’s back as it rains, in a wooden scene.  She looks very wet.

Caption:  “One day, not long after she joined him, it began to rain.  Fincha got wet on the pug’s back, and the rain scared her.  Those tiny drops of rain were a lot bigger to a little finch.”

Caption:  “She kept chirping a distressed little chirp.  The pug heard it, but he didn’t know what to do.”


Page 23

The pug leaning forward, as if signaling for her to get down from his back.  It’s still raining.

Caption:  “Then the pug had an idea.  He leaned his head forward, signaling her to get down from his back.”


Page 24

The pug standing over her, shielding her from the rain, which beats down on him.

Caption:  “When she flew down, he walked over her to shield her from the rain.”


Page 25

The pug walking with Fincha clinging to his belly.  It’s raining, and they’re still in the woods.

Caption:  “She found that she could cling to his belly, and she could stay there while he walked.”


Page 26

The pug scratching the ground as Fincha rides on his back.  It’s raining lightly, and they’re still in the woods, but it’s clearly later, a different scene from before.

Caption:  “From then on, the pug would scratch the ground whenever it started to rain.”

Caption:  “Fincha didn’t want to be a bother, but the pug would insist that she move to his belly.”

Caption:  “‘It isn’t right that such a cute little finch should get rained on,’ the pug said to himself.”


Page 27

In the foreground, we see Finch underneath the pug.  The pug’s face is upside-down in the background, as he peers between his front legs to check up on her.

Caption:  “She loved how he protected her from the rain.”

Caption:  “And he would always look down to check on her, to make sure she was safe.”


Page 28

The pug eating a bunch of berries that he’s found in the woods, while Fincha rides on his back.  He looks so happy.

Caption:  “As the pug sniffed around for food, sometimes he got lucky and found his very favorite food:  berries.”

Caption:  “Blueberries were his favorite, but he also loved blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.”

Caption:  “But pugs can be very picky dogs, and this pug hated eating the berries themselves.  What he loved was the juice.”


Page 29

The pug rolling on his back in the grass, his mouth filled with berries, dripping with juice.  Fincha stands nearby, watching.

Caption:  “He would take them in his mouth and chew them, sucking out the juice.”

Caption:  “He would roll on his back in the grass, celebrating the joy of berry juice in his mouth.”


Page 30

Fincha flying through the air, looking down on some berries amidst various foliage.

Caption:  “Fincha saw how happy he was when he found some berries.”

Caption:  “After this happened a few times, Fincha had an idea.”

Caption:  “She flew ahead of the pug.  He thought that she was just looking for seeds, but she was looking for berries for her pug.  After a while, she found some blueberries.”


Page 31

Fincha flying with a blueberry in her mouth, straining with its weight.

Caption:  “‘Oh, my pug will love these!’ she said to herself.”

Caption:  “She picked a blueberry and flew back to the pug.”

Caption:  “It was very heavy for such a tiny finch.”


Page 32

Fincha placing the blueberry in front of the pug.

Caption:  “She gave the blueberry to the pug.  But she knew where there were plenty more.”

Caption:  “She chirped at him, telling him where to go to find them.  But he did not understand and started sniffing in the wrong direction.”

Caption:  “‘Oh, no,’ she said to herself.  ‘How will I tell him?’”


Page 33

Fincha flapping her wings, trying to get the pug’s attention as he wanders off to one side.

Caption:  “So she started flapping her little wings wildly, trying to get his attention.”

Caption:  “He stared at her but did not understand what she was chirping at him.”

Caption:  “But when she hopped towards the berries, he followed.”


Page 34

The pug’s face lighting up as he sees all the blueberries that Fincha has led him to.

Caption:  “When he saw the berries, Fincha could see his happiness on his face.”


Page 35

The pug rolling around on the grass by the blueberries, juice dripping out of his mouth.  Fincha watches, happily, in the foreground.

Caption:  “He chewed them and sucked out the juice.”

Caption:  “And he lay on his back, rolling happily in the grass as he let the berry juice run down his beard.”

Caption:  “‘Oh, I love that pug’s happiness,’ Fincha said to herself.”

Caption:  “After that, Fincha would look for berries every day.”


Page 36

A nice image of the pug and the finch together, with Fincha on his back.

Caption:  “That pug and that finch stayed together like this for a very long time.”

Caption:  “They did everything together.”

Caption:  “And they were very happy.”


Page 37

The pug walking off, in the woods.  Fincha is throwing up her wings and chirping, alarmed.

Caption:  “But sometimes, Fincha would see the pug wandering off, and she would worry that he was going to leave without her.”

Caption:  “He wasn’t going to.  He was only sniffing around.  But she was just a little finch and got scared to think about life without her enormous protector.”


Page 38

The pug facing a female dog – perhaps a miniature poodle, a very feminine-looking dog.  Fincha is on the pug’s back, chirping away in jealousy.

Caption:  “One day, the pug found a female dog, and they started to spend time together.”

Caption:  “‘Why do you have that little bird on your back?’ the girl dog asked the pug.”

Caption:  “‘She’s my finch,’ the pug said.  ‘It’s hard to explain.’”

Caption:  “But Fincha couldn’t understand them and was jealous of the female dog.  She chirped nonstop in protest.”


Page 39

The female dog lunging at Fincha, on the pug’s back.  He is moving away, trying to keep Fincha from the female dog’s snarling mouth.

Caption:  “The female dog got annoyed at Fincha’s chirping, and she lunged at her.”

Caption:  “The pug moved to keep Fincha away from the girl dog, but Fincha was very scared.”

Caption:  “The pug barked angrily at the female dog, and then he walked away with his finch.”


Page 40

The pug looking up, later, at Finch as she flies away.

Caption:  “But the damage was already done.  Fincha wasn’t happy anymore.”

Caption:  “And so she flew away.”


Page 41

The pug looking very, very sad.  A depressed pug, sitting in the woods, without motivation to get up and sniff around or look for food.

Caption:  “The pug found that he missed Fincha very much.”

Caption:  “He was sad all the time and didn’t even care much about berries.”

Caption:  “‘It’s stupid that I’m sad,’ he said to himself.  ‘That finch wanted to be on my back.  It wasn’t my idea.’”


Page 42

A similar shot, except that here it’s raining.

Caption:  “But he missed protecting her from the rain.  And he missed how happy she looked to see him.  And how she used to sleep against his belly.”

Caption:  “‘She was such a sweet little finch,’ he said to himself.”


Page 43

The pug approaching the finches on the grass, much like he did at the beginning of the story.

Caption:  “So he went back to where he met Fincha.”

Caption:  “And the finches were still there.”


Page 44

The finches flying away from the pug, much like he did at the beginning of the story.

Caption:  “They flew away when he got close.”

Caption:  “The pug sniffed around but could not find Fincha.”


Page 45

Fincha flying down to that pug, as he howls.

Caption:  “She was in the tree, watching him.  She thought he would just leave.”

Caption:  “But instead he howled so pitifully, a howl no one understood or cared about but her.”

Caption:  “And so she flew down to him.”


Page 46

The pug looking at her sadly as he bends down to let her climb up to his back, mirroring how he first tried to get her to climb on his back – except that now he looks so sad.

Caption:  “The pug looked at her sadly and bent over to let her get on his back.”


Page 47

A similar illustration.  Fincha isn’t going up on his back.

Caption:  “But she wouldn’t.”


Page 48

The two animals standing there, looking sad.

Caption:  “Fincha saw that her pug was sad, and she still loved him.  But she thought that he would be happier with the female dog.  She and the pug were different animals, after all.”

Caption:  “But the pug didn’t like the female dog.  He loved his finch and didn’t care how silly it was.”


Page 49

The pug lying down on the grass, looking sadly at Fincha.

Caption:  “They lay in the grass together, but they could not speak to each other.”

Caption:  “The pug could not chirp to make her know how heartbroken he was.”

Caption:  “And Fincha could not howl to make the pug know why she felt he was better off without her.”


Page 50

Looking up at Fincha as she flies off, silhouetted by the sun.  The image’s composition is designed to mirror an earlier one.

Caption:  “After a while, she flew away to rejoin the other finches.”

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