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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

by Julian X  /  poetry  /  18 Aug 2007




I close my eyes and imagine that I’m not lonely.






After we talked, I lay in bed and cried.



Upon Searching for a Graduate School



I’m homesick and I don’t know where my new home is



I Love You



It always feels like a lie even when it isn’t.



About the Author



I love women in kimonos.



Favorite Quote:



“One always regrets giving ‘quotations.’ (Julian Darius)”



Upon “Upon Searching for a Graduate School”



This is not something I would write today.



Upon “Upon ‘Upon Searching for a Graduate School’”



Nor this, ad infinitum.



Upon the Magnanimous Tipping of a Waitress Named So-and-So



Thanks for pretending this really was a near miss.

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