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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Mental Landscape, Virtually Conceived
by Julian X  /  poetry  /  29 Aug 2007

He longed to return (to Eden, perhaps);

she cut lovers from the record, no longer counting them in her totals;

they long to escape;

undo their mistakes;

delete their past, failed personalities.


ask for help only when too late

save our successes and unfinished businesses

we long for the new

the form from which all this is copy

we strive and we strive, but where is the format?

looking for a window of opportunity


we want control

give me an option

I want to / give me your command


he filed that away in memory

where there were folders of bar jokes, moments of glory,

pick-up lines, and the rest -- more powerful than in print,

this massive memory of ROM


She was a dancer, laptop style

her skin was clear

her underwear tight, her cleavage bulging from her software

he pasted all his fantasies onto her


he felt that hard drive

he longed to enter

to RAM himself in

for her to open


she was so close

she felt it through his pants, now hardware

and she was virtually in love

he scrolled his hand along her wavy side

she LED him on

she put the personal in personal computer

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