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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Quoth the Sadomasochist
by Julian X  /  poetry  /  15 Aug 2007

“How I long to be as Zeus,”

     he said.

 “That fire of lust, making it with goddesses and humans

            -- bears even, when he spies the right equipment.

      That conquest that affirms his hegemony among the gods:

                         ‘I fuck the world as I please,

                               I rule the world as I please.’

   How many gigolos have understood that?

But, you know,” he added, looking devilishly askance and delighted,

             “it’s the transformational sex, the fiery transformational sex

                      that he really had right.  When he fucked them as a beast

      -- the intellectual power of Zeus, the head from which Athena sprang.

  And he knew this was a bestial thing,

                 to lift the nape of Leda like so much loose dogflesh,

             to screw as the bear screws, complete with claws,

        to toy with one’s prey as one devours her.

 The raw carnality as beautiful as a massive white swan.

    The brute in him for all his godly powers and responsibilities,

                 let loose insatiably on so much flesh.

Yes, Zeus got it right then, Zeus of golden showers,

    never enough perversity in the world for Jupiter Erectus,

       never a taboo that failed to excite.

  The erection makes its own laws and society adjusts as it can.

In apprehension, how like a god.

    In carnality, how like a beast.

            And, unfettered by consciousness present nonetheless,

                     how like unrestrained, restraining Zeus.”

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