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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Improper Usage
by Julian X  /  poetry  /  8 Aug 2007



in corridors and rooms we will haunt in dreams,

nightmare late-paper-ground decades strong,

land of embalmed comments and reactions,

with cheerleeders whose drunken deflowering

has penetrated the public record,

enshrined in local urban legend,

with jocks we sit through sex education

and, diseased at talk of disfigured genitals,

hear of disease rates and the modern plague,

and, amidst condom conversation

more flippant chiming by brazen stupids,

learn of transmission through rectal bleeding

and receive teacher’s ejaculate:

“well, it simply wasn’t designed for that”




adam noticed his erection

and his desire to fuck eve

even in the garden

but was left to experimentation

since not eating one firmly planted fruit

was something less than an instruction book

and certainly did not prescribe

where another might be firmly planted

let us imagine this innocent quest

and their awkward fumblings not then awkward

he knew his erection and she her clitoris

but if they were even that logical

these two sensitivities did not match

though near hers were two close spots that did

or so crazy jane said to the bishop

but no matter what first received him

once they found one in their youthful frolics

they must have tried both others

or so michaelangelo knew

when he tastefully painted two fruits

only one of which was forbidden




Lacking that instruction book, humans have been

writing and rewriting and reinterpreting and misinterpreting

self-made instruction books ever since.  In one,

a reference became read as a reason

to kill cities intertwined like a pair of fated lovers.

A capitalistic enterprise extending to history's rear,

before capitalism, even before capital,

this creation of conduct codes.

There’s something funny about products

striving to create their own product codes,

as if compensating for an unthinking manufacturer.

And there’s pathos in these products

always suspecting manufacturer's defects

in one particular site

their manufacturer failed to complete,

left outrageously and scandalously dirty,

and improperly added erogenous zones.

Or accidentally made compatible with other sites,

despite the manufacturer’s renowned utter mastery of his craft.

Since involuntary mutilation is there already desirable,

when it becomes more feasible,

they’ll no doubt correct another manufacturer’s oversight

and start tattooing warning labels.



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