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Untitled #6
by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  28 Jan 2009

If I overfed my turtle.
Would it get too fat
And crack his shell?

Oxford Town was a song
By Bob Dylan.
I met a girl from Oxford.
I played it on her guitar.

Japan taught me rules and law.
Admire everything and everyone from afar.
Walk fast and think loud.
Never reveal anything controversial aloud.

I took a train to Hamburg in the snow.
My typewriter was wet and rusted.
A Russian girl smiled at me in the lunch car.
I talked with her but can't remember her face.

In Spain, I ate octopus with salt and paprika.
The locals there call it something magical.
I could never remember the name, but
When I ordered it they knew what I meant.

Atop a hill in Barcelona one day,
I could see the sea and the red roofs.
Children played soccer and basketball.
The silence was remarkable.

Maybe you believe me and maybe you won't.
Doubt what you can and prove what you love.
But always remember this:

I once was blind but now I see,
I once was mad but now I believe.

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