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The Park
by Gabriel Montagné  /  poetry  /  28 Jun 2008

Today, I am going to the park.  Today.

The sun is high and we are going to the park.
My brothers are dirty, and the monsters would probably wash us today.
Here they come.
It goes dark as I walk into the moving cave.
I wait with my brothers.  We are hungry.
We walk out of the cave and into another.
I hear water like a thousand rivers.
Not water.  Something else.
I walk out of the cave and into the sun.

I am in a stone crater, the monsters perched all around us.
My brothers are gone.
There is no grass.
I am confused, staring around.
The roaring sound is horrendous.
There are monsters, horrible monsters:
Red, bright red like my
They flashed around,
Running for me.
I ran through it.
Sharp stabbing pain in my back.
Did I kill it?
I could feel the metal spike hanging from me.

The monsters kept appearing,
and they stuck me every time,
The roaring sounds errupting with each pang.
I could feel my blood running down my back.
I am scared.
I am going to die, I am going to die, going to die, to die, die, dead.

Would they kill my brothers?
I would tear them apart.
They can't kill me.
I was shaking.
Horses strided out with monsters controlling them.
They wore mud over there eyes.
The monsters held small sharp trees.
They would hurt but I can't let them kill me.
I ran my hardest,
Muscles burning.
I crashed into the horse, the tree going into my neck.
I retreated, immersed in the sound of the roaring rivers.
I wouldnt last much longer.

Knees weak.
Head low.
No, I would not die this way.
There was only one monster left now.
Vision lapsing.
Last chance.
I ran, chasing it, chasing it,
Knees buckle.
Head falling.
The place was getting darker shades at a time,
But the sun was still high.
The red monster dropped,
Revealing another monster covered in black and draped in the sun.
It was almost black now
and the sea of monsters were louder than ever.

My brothers, my brothers, my brothers,
What would happen to my brothers?
Is this what happened to my father?
A large spike pierced my neck, plunging deep into my chest.
Senses failing.
I'm lying in my own blood,
Roaring is fading away, slowly lapsing over itself and fading.
I am so afraid.
So afraid.
I'm too numb to even feel them cutting off my ear and throwing it to the monsters.
Black, I'm blind, I'm deaf, I'm dumb.

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