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Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Lavina, Canto 10:  Lavina in the Desert (Part 2 of 2)
by Julian X  /  poetry  /  25 May 2008

She walked through the night, then plodded,

her steps weary, ripping up the sand beneath her feet,

inefficient beneath the pouring sun.  She awoke

after nightfall, and her hands could no longer retrieve

more than flakes of dried blood from her scalp.

She caught lizards to eat, and continued away from the beach,

hoping she was going east, day after day.

She wondered at the size of this island,

unable to find a mount from which to see the scope.

And so she continued, feasting on squirming lizards,

crushing them underfoot, all pride gone.

She longed for clothes, and had to pick the sand

from her crevices, but came to fear happening across anyone.

She wondered if an island as large as this

might be uninhabited, and feared what any inhabitants

might do to a strange, nude girl wandering the dunes.


It took almost three weeks before she found anyone,

and when she did, she ducked down to stay out of sight.

Three men were traveling on camels, facing away from her,

and had not seen her before she ducked.

They wore loose garments that covered all but their faces,

evidence that they came from other such men,

that they were not alone on the island.

She wondered if she should approach them, but decided

not to trust the good graces of three men, alone

and isolated in the desert.  One man might clothe and feed her,

hoping perhaps for sex but willing to abstain,

even knowing he could rape her, if he were kind.

Even if he were not, and took her by force,

she might at least eat, or get shelter, or some clothes,

and he’d likely keep her or send her back off into the dunes.

Three men were more likely to take their turns,

caught up in their adrenaline, eager to best one another

in their brutality, then slaughter her lest she tell the tale

and the other two collaborate it.  No, she decided,

she had to stay hidden.  But she would follow them,

staying out of sight, in hopes of finding the civilization

from which they came or to which they were going,

and there find the resources of a life less harsh.


For fourteen days, Lavina followed the three men,

sleeping only when they slept, walking twice as fast

after their tracks or in their direction

if she awoke after they’d already set out.

On the sixth day, a troop of men and women,

some on camels, some on foot,

passed by in the opposite direction.

The three had stopped and chatted before continuing.

Lavina had considered approaching then,

when the presence of women and the number of men

might argue for fairer treatment, but she’d decided not to

and stayed hidden, continuing after the three.

On the thirteenth day, they’d come to an oasis,

a tiny lake with green all along the edges,

a row of tall palms, one deep, and grass

all around the perimeter, giving way sharply to sand.

They’d spent two days and a night there, while Lavina

had watched and eaten lizards from beyond the far dunes.

On the night of the fourteenth day, they’d set out again.

Lavina decided to mark well their direction,

but not to follow.  She’d spent two days and a night longing

for that water, hoping for some meat along that narrow shore.

Fourteen days was long enough, she thought.


She approached the pond without caution, knowing well

there was no one around.  The water was shallow, but deep enough

to immerse in, even to swim, though one occasionally felt

the wet sand against one’s underside

as one propelled through the water.  Lavina

loved the feel of water, after all this time, and found

the water’s edge teeming with lizards

hiding in the brave, opportunistic grass.

To her, it was a heaven, but she knew well

that others must know of it and would spot her

as they approached, the pond being low

and the dunes around it being high.

She did not know how long she would stay there,

but knew enough to enjoy it while she did.

She even was able to see her wound in the still water,

but only then if she pulled back her hair.

It was ugly, but was healing, and would be fine,

hidden beneath the hair unless someone looked.


One day gave way to the next, and each day,

Lavina told herself she must be going.

Yet she spent more time in he water

than on the sand, and the prospect of leaving,

of wandering vaguely in the direction the three had left in

held no great appeal.  After several days,

she even found a coconut, unnoticed by past travelers,

on one tree around the water’s rim.

It took some trying, but she at last succeeded

in bashing it open against a tree.

It tasted better than all the royal meals

in the days of Guyesp’s harem,

before things went bad, then got worse, and yet worse still.


After several nights, Lavina was swimming in the moonlight

when she suddenly realized that a large band was descending

down a dune, already halfway to the pond.

She knew her motion in the water must have been spotted,

but that she had no chance of outrunning anyone.

And so she swam to one side, hid in the shade

of one of the larger trees, and hoped

nervously for the best.  The caravan made it to the water,

whereupon the men began to disembark.

It was a large group, perhaps fifty strong,

and the camels were loaded down with goods.

The men knelt, lapping up the water with cupped hands,

talking to each other loudly.  Then, Lavina realized,

one was calling out to her.


Though Lavina could not understand their speech,

there was no fear in their voices.

She saw why:  curved sabers dangled from their waists.

They knew she was but one and had no fear.

They beckoned her over, waving for her to come

out from the shade, in friendly voices.

Lavina knew she could not avoid them,

and so she stood, cautiously, prepared either

to go to them or to run.


As soon as she stood, everything changed.

The men beckoning her now shouted to the others,

and all stared at her, nude, glistening in the moonlight

on the far edge, beside the palm

that had mostly sheltered her from view.

Whatever they said stopped everything:

the drinking, the unloading, the happy talking.

And then, at once, every man not on or holding a camel

dropped what he was holding, stopped what he was doing,

and rushed after her with all the speed he could muster.


Lavina turned at once and rushed up the nearest dune,

but she hadn’t made it halfway

when a man tackled her from behind.

From the ground, she kicked him away,

landing a blow hard against his jaw,

but by then three others were upon her,

grabbing her, holding her down.

The others stood over her and stared,

their eyes wide as little moons,

and suddenly it seemed

as if all of them were talking at once,

marveling.  Lavina struggled, shouting, demanding

to be let go, but none understood.  Then,

all fell silent.  A large man, their leader, approached

calmly, and appraised the find.

He marveled as much as the others, though he hid it better.


As Lavina continued her protests, one replied,

“Do you understand me?” in a strange accent,

something imitating the noblest vernacular, though broken.

“Yes,” Lavina replied, thankful to at last be understood.

“Tell them to let go of me.”  “I’m afraid,” he replied,

“That you’re in no position to be making such demands.”


He turned and spoke to the leader, who replied

while Lavina waited.  The men holding Lavina

then flipped her over, and she could all but feel

the leader’s breath, and the curls of his beard against her back,

as he inspected her.  She felt a finger prod her vulva,

then reach inside.  “Stop this!” she cried.

“You’ve no right.”  The leader spoke behind her,

and then the man who spoke her language.

“It’s a shame that you’re not a virgin,” he observed.

“You’d fetch a better price at market if you were.”

“You’re going to sell me?” Lavina cried, her

eyes staring down at the sloping sand below,

watching the water drip off her hair

as it brushed against the grains a few inches in front of her eyes.

“A white woman with your looks will fetch enough

to buy a whole stable of slavegirls,” he told her.

“We are all thanking God for bringing us such a find.”

“God,” she told them, “has nothing to do with this.”

“How like God,” he replied, “to send us a woman

who would think so.”  At this, the men began to talk

again in their tongue, and the leader spoke,

whereupon all others fell silent, then laughed.


The man leaned down to speak to her.  “Since

you are not a virgin, the master has decided to enjoy you himself.

God has sent you for his pleasure.  Our master is calling you

his – how do you say? – his oasis.  God be praised!”

“Fuck you!” Lavina shouted.  “And fuck your God!”

At this, the man kicked her hard in the back of the head,

thrusting her from the men’s hands hard against the sand.

The man explained himself hurriedly to the master,

whereupon the master spoke in anger.

The men grabbed Lavina once again, this time

pressing her into the sand, exerting such force

as to make it hard for her to breathe.

Lavina kept cursing, gasping as she did, but to no avail.

She felt the men twist her arms and her flesh,

keeping their weight on her while they turned around,

away from her.  She turned her head to the side,

spitting out sand, to see the odd sight.  She had

no sooner wondered why they averted their eyes such

than she felt a man’s hands hard against her inner thighs,

then grasping, squeezing her ass precisely as one would

a grapefruit in the market.  Then came the brief prodding

at her vulva, before the master pushed himself fully inside

in one sudden, violent gesture.  Lavina felt herself

tearing inside, and knew it was all the worse

for how long it had been.


He held her hair tightly between his fingers

and pushed it with all his force into the sand,

grinding her features against the grains

as he took all the vengeance of an offended god

and poured it coldly, without mercy, inside her.

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