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Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

I Want to Fuck like 9/11
by Julian X  /  poetry  /  1 Jul 2007

you're a bomb

a dirty, dirty bomb


you're a sexual terrorist

and I'm jealous of your freedoms


beat me hard and call me Osama

whip me hard and call me Osama


I'm a Muslim vixen in a latex veil

I'm a prostitute who needs stoning


shoot me in your football stadiums

in your BDSM clubs, your progressive spas


bring me your twin towers

let's make some world trade

a world sex trade

let's rock it to the ground


we'll ride it to the ground, my dear,

ride it to the ground

ride it hard and flaming,

all the way down

all the fucking way


leave me a Ground Zero,



burn me with your hot jet fuel

fill me with dying bodies,

quivering, squirming for life


I want to storm the cabin

beat me back, quick,

or I'll storm the cabin


stuff my letterhole with anthrax

force an evacuation, let me panic

I'm the Pentagon and I'm in flames

bury me in smoke and dust and pulverized remains


take me like I'm Iraq

raid me like the Baghdad museum

turn me over to the Israelis for some real interrogation

put a bounty on my pussy and turn the Pakistanis loose

tell the U.N. to go fuck themselves:  you're going in

outrun your supply lines

strip me bare for oil

let's play prisoner abuse scandal


the plane's going down and so are you

crash my throat into your tower

slam me like 9/11

I want to fuck like 9/11


fucking 9/11-style,

lost in the metaphors

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Letters to Aphrodite:
I Want to Fuck like 9/11
Yes, Angel
This body I give, she says,
I returned from the wars sixteen years ago
femme sans assez d’espace
Rodrigo and Cesare Borgia
Death raped her,
Blind men still care for their women’s beauty.
I've never come as hard as when
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