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One Hawaiian, Bra.
by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  11 May 2008

Bra, I one local,
I no like haole,
When I see um I say,
Kill Haole day,
Is da best kine cuz,
We true Hawaiian!

I come from da history,
Of da local society,
Da haole, kay,
Fuck us ova,
With thea guns and disease,
Me, I one Samoan,
I part Chinese and Korean,
I get some Portagee too cuz,
So what I no have da,
Hawaiian blood bra!

I still one local kay,
More den da haole,
No, I born in Samoa, what!
Fucka, no shame, I still true to Hawaii kay,
You born Hawaii?
Fuck you!
I still more local than you fucka,
I am I am I am I am...what!  what!  what!
Kill haole day, what!

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