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Simple Twist of Fate (Revisited)
by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  10 May 2008

He met her in the park,
She was walking her dog,
He felt her eyes,
Fumble through his clothes,
It was then they were alone,

The sun went down,
The moon was bare,
Not a sound in the air,
She looked like the rain,
He felt a spark of fate,

She told him it was a sin,
To love and keep it within,
She was his twin,
But he lost her face,
In the darkness parade,

The next day the room was bare,
He couldn't find her anywhere,
She checked into a fine hotel,
Where the lights beam blue,
It was then she was alone,

In the valley a trumpet plays,
With an Italian restaurant along the canal,
She walked to the end of the road,
In the twlight of the night,
Something alarming in her mind,

He walked into the park,
W/a parrot that talked,
Children's footsteps in the grass,
An abandoned dog under a bench,
Another blind man at the gate,

When they crossed the moon,
Clouds drifted through the skies,
A gift for the cause,
Of everyman who will believe,
He is lost within her demons.

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