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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

by Claire Thomas  /  poetry  /  22 Mar 2008

Iím nothing without this blowjob

Iím nothing without this piece of paper

Iíll leave my rain soaked panties by the sink

To tell you all my secrets.

But hold on to this flux and muster up

Muster up, my dear girl,

The world is open before you

Through this blank hollow I will

Wilt and melt and horn down the clouds

With a fist of fire as my comet

The luster off the spring foliage is

The heat evaporating through your skin,

The dark red light I see when I look your way

Are the carbuncle beads of the trees

Moving down my face and out through your roots

The sweet pain of phloem in square cells.

You bastard donít make me grow.


Silver glints, like curtains of promise

That will not let the moon through

I can see through you

I am the rouge agent in your army


Old man with his face in the clouds

You were a swan dive down

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