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today is 31 Mar 2023

by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  15 Jan 2008

Lightning orange skies,

Oceans spreading like leaves,

Blowing through the drylands,

Marie holds my hands,

Children across the street,

Burning into charcoal embers,

There's a black moon at noon,

Pounding, heartbeating into the horizon,

Marie sleeps at my feet,

Dogs running wild,

My eyes closing from the chemical reactions,

The air is thin,

Bright pink rain,

Caressing the sky,

Like sprinkles from chocolate cake,

Marie is dead,

The war has started,

And it's already ended,

If this was a Cold War,

Marie could have kept me warm,

Death has ignored me,

And life has killed the thieves,

Goodbye to Marie,


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