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Dear, Geisha Girl
by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  12 Dec 2007

You keep coming over,
Dreaming of a life,
That you can't reach,
It can't get no easier than this.

You tell yourself,
He's in love with you, and you know,
It'll only be time,
Time you'll simply waste,
Just to get his ring.

But you don't see
Yourself like others do,
When you leave in the morning,
He's far away from dreaming,
So so so so gone from the root...

You are his geisha,
You follow him 'round like a puppy,
Pussy, don't you get it!
Between your legs!
It's what he craves.

Why don't you wake up?
You're wasting valuable time,
I'm telling you, geisha,
Move to Japan,
You'd make a fortune opening your blue legs.

You just don't get it,
Your pussy must feel sweet,
Cause all he's after,
As desperate as he is,
Is to kill his loneliness,
You're a disease.

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