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Inside Your Pussy
by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  11 Dec 2007

Steady now,
You rise and fall,
I've watched you for years,
Sweet virgin thighs,
I'm so lost for you,
Come into my room,

Silly little schoolgirl,
I've seen you in class,
Touch my lips,
Hold my ribs,
Come over me,
I'm so lost for you,

I've watched you,
Through windows naked spread,
In my dreams,
I open the door,
So slow I open your legs,
And I come into you,
I'm so lost for you,

In class push up your skirt,
Show your love for me,
Spread my eyes on your thighs,
Twist me inside your pink virgin pussy,
Show me what I've been dreaming,
I'm so lost for you,
Your window is my only clue.

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