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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

My Better Judgement
by Sean Garcia  /  poetry  /  11 Oct 2007

My better judgment, whom I will call Jim,

Always gives sound advice when I would leap

Off cliffs; and yet I’ve never trusted him.

When I once wondered if I ought to sleep

With the dumb blonde in my French class, he said:

“Who are you kidding, man?  You’ve got a wife

At home: clean house, good food, and a warm bed

Are all a man can ever want from life,

And more than most get.  Don’t be stupid, boy.”

I fucked her anyway, then fell in love;

She played with me and broke me like a toy.

So I ran to my wife; push came to shove.

She took me back, once I said I knew better;

But now Jim says, “You love the blonde.  Go get her.”

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