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A Thought On Today For Tomorrow (For Neil)
by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  13 Oct 2007

I'm here, all but one,
Alone again, set sail,
Where were you, singing again?
My time is frightful, can you stay awhile?

You and I rushed, silly us,
What are we, trying to achieve,
Living on a ranch, you without me,
Life takes us, on hollow trains at times,

No one grows from a vine, dreaming to be a secretary,
Or waiter, nor poet for that matter,
Nah, a doctor, lawyer, politician, or killer,
It's a game of, helpless chances,

Can you, feel me now?
Climbing down, on water pillows?
I never asked, to be forgiven,
We got one chance at life, go live,

Old man, I'm stuck like you,
Coughing for pleasure, drinking for pain,
I'm lost on my ranch, growing old,
I'll cut the wood tomorrow, die tonight.

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