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The Sweet Taste of One Single Tear
by Marc Sobel  /  poetry  /  7 Oct 2007

There is nothing but anger and sadness

In the dungeon deep in my heart

And though I try

To pry my own lie

Its steel lock wonít come apart.


My emotions lie caged, starved and weakened

Prisoners adrift and alone

And nothing I say,

Melts the shackles away

Iím unable to bring them back home.


I would trade my entire kingdom

For the sweet taste of one single tear

To feel the peace

Of a needed release

An escape from this crippling fear.


But the bars of this cell are unyielding,

And Iím but a feeble lout

Entombed in this cave

Like a womb or a grave,

Eyes barren from endless drought.

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