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Depressions In Your Neck
by Gregory Wilde  /  poetry  /  20 Sep 2007

I'm freezing.
I've been freezing for days.
I can't get warm.

I take hot showers, but
I can't feel the warmth.
I'll put log on log on log.

I tried reading at a cafe.
I can't feel the coffee.
It's as cold as a witch's ass.

I walk to work.
It's worm hole.
I open my coat.

I feel the snow so cold.
What did I do so wrong?
You and your pussy doll.

I can't get a fraction of warmth.
I wear layers of clothes,
But all they do is create jokes

From those tarts in the bars.
I want to climb on top of you.
It's the last place I felt warmth.

When you return,
I'll take off the clothes.
I'll remove the hood.

I'll climb into bed.
I'll sleep on your thighs.
I'm retired to die.

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