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Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Lavina, Canto 2:  Isabel and the Harem (Part 2 of 2)
by Julian X  /  poetry  /  22 Sep 2007

After Isabel had been in the harem for two months,

during which her will had slowly been broken

by daily humiliation while, each night, he summoned

other women from her midst to satisfy him

and return proudly with their tales,

Prince Guyesp appeared before the harem –

not from his balcony but, for the first time,

through the only doors on the ground floor,

the ones through which the girls had been ferried

and through which the eunuchs came and went.

Strolling into the garden, he demanded that Isabel

be brought to him.  The eunuchs complied

as the girls looked on, in shock to have him there.

The princess before him, Guyesp told her

to lick his shoes.  She took one look

at the eunuchs around him and obeyed,

stooping and kneeling to get low to the ground.

Next, he told her to strip and ordered one of the girls

to come and fellate him while Isabel watched.

When he was fully aroused, he had Isabel lean back

and penetrated her in front of everyone.

He slammed his body into hers with all the violence

he could muster, and groped her breasts

with all his force.  He finished in her asshole,

and when he slid inside without warning,

as he had never done to her before,

she screamed and wept while the others watched.

He had another girl clean his weapon with her tongue,

and afterwards he sat on his royal wife’s face,

letting her lick his asshole while she felt

her own, still torn with great force.

She barely hesitated throughout the whole ordeal.

At last, the prince stood and stared down at her,

saying only “Now, at last, you are my wife.

And so, at last, I love you.”

And, with that, he exited the harem,

the heavy iron doors swung open before him

by his eunuchs, then closed with a loud thud.


Isabel cried, in full recognition of her state,

the guards near, their attacks still firmly in her mind,

both her vagina and her ass ripped inside,

her tongue tasting like his excrement,

and all the eyes of that closed world upon her.


A few nights later, the eunuchs summoned

both Isabel and another girl

for Guyesp’s nightly entertainment.

It was the first time the prince had called for Isabel,

and none in the harem knew what to make of it.

But they returned, early in the morning,

whereupon the eunuchs declared

that Isabel was not to be tormented any longer

under orders from the master

and under penalty of the severest beatings:

she had, as the accompanying girl recounted,

submitted in everything, even though in private.

It had been the final test:

Isabel, highborn daughter of Hironamti,

once-conceited wife to a foreign prince,

was now one of them in the harem.


Isabel again wept in recognition of her state,

but now she wept tears of joy

at the eunuchs’ pronouncement –

at the end to her torments and humiliations,

an end of which she had no longer been able

to permit herself to dream,

a rise in her status so titanic in proportion

that it felt as if it dwarfed all that had come before.


The others did not at first accept her as an equal,

but they dared not contradict their master’s edict.

Their taunts meant nothing to Isabel

who just days before could not imagine

other than having to eat shit on the whim

of any one of two hundred and forty women.


And, with time, that acceptance too would come

as the group slowly made friends

with the once-posh, once-enslaved Isabel.

Lavina, previously afraid of defending

the slave too much, was now freed to talk

with her unafraid, and the two shared stories

of their lives before the harem.

Lavina loved hearing of Isabel’s life

in her father’s court, related as if a lifetime ago

as well as far away.  And Lavina was surprised to hear

that the noble Isabel had not been a virgin

when she had been married off to Guyesp.


No, she had been taken at twelve by a lord of perhaps forty,

right under her father’s roof and protection, no less.

He had molested her in a room of her father’s own palace,

and she had consented more out of curiosity

than anything resembling adult lust.

She told not a soul, and one year later

had given herself to a boy her age,

the son of one of her father’s barons.

By fourteen, she’d found a regular lover:

a court minister of geography and navigation.

And for the next few years, he’d navigated her thighs

quite thoroughly.  At fifteen, she’d gotten pregnant –

though she’d taken a drug, administered to the vagina,

that was said to prevent it – and the navigator had called in

a doctor friend, who had aborted the child.

At sixteen, this happened again two more times.

The navigator died of disease, and, at seventeen,

she’d begun a string of lovers, tolerated by her father,

who’d all but given up controlling her.

At eighteen, she was treated for a venereal disease

by her father’s doctors in secret.  And at nineteen,

this troublesome slut of a daughter

had been married off to the good Prince Guyesp,

who had been her twentieth-fifth lover, by her count

when her comrades forced the recollection.


Lavina didn’t know what a venereal disease was,

and Isabel had need to explain – much to Lavina’s horror.

Indeed, Lavina had many questions:  about the shape

and diversity of men’s penises, about how they acted

and moved in bed, about how loved worked in it all,

about pregnancy and that contraceptive balm,

about abortion and how she felt afterwards.

Isabel answered a hundred questions,

and poor Lavina learned more about men and sex

than she thought she’d ever know

or that there was, in the wide world, to learn.


In this time, after Guyesp’s appearance

within the enclosed garden, the first pregnancies

among the harem girls became clear.

Two were revealed almost at once,

and the two girls were removed from the harem altogether.

It was said that a nursery was being built, constructed out

of palace rooms presently used for other things,

and that the girls would live there with their children.

But no one in the seraglio knew the truth.

Some spread rumors that the women

and their babies were butchered;

some still hoped for rescue, or to get pregnant

and to escape subsequently from the nursery,

since the harem could not be breached from inside.

But many others simply hoped to be blessed with a child,

to give life, even to bear their king and husband a son.

And, indeed, almost one more pregnancy

was revealed every month – and, each time,

one more girl went off to the nursery,

never to be seen or heard from again.


Each girl would be called only twice on average

in each year, though a few favorites

got called as much as fifty times per annum:

sometimes, he would fancy the same girl

several nights in a row, but she would always be dropped

for one or two others by the fourth night.

The other girls would beg the popular ones

to share their secrets, but little was forthcoming:

one said to squeeze their pussies to make them tighter,

and to pulsate them, to tense and release

while as wet as humanly possible –

it was a good formula but didn’t work for everyone.

Another said to orgasm, to really orgasm so that he feels it,

fells the pussy tighten and flood against his dick

as he’s fucking inside.  But most said

that there were no tips, no clues –

that he simply liked who he liked,

and there was a lot of truth to that,

though the other girls thought it an excuse not to say.


In her ninth month in the harem,

Lavina was called to service the prince again,

but this time was called with two others:

the young Simone and voluptuous Clarissa.

The three lied in Guyesp’s bed, running

their three pairs of tits along his chest,

down his legs, on his inner thighs and balls,

until he could no longer dam up his passion

and so bent Simone over, her tiny teenage ass high

in the air, and slid away inside her

while he pressed down on her back,

forcing her face into the bed so strongly

that she developed there a sharp pain and

for several minutes failed the breathe properly.

When he was through, he had Clarissa lick

his semen from Simone’s pulsing pussy,

then looked at Lavina and simply pointed

to his crotch.  While Lavina sucked,

he held the back of her head

and rammed himself deep within her throat,

over and over until she could not breathe.

When he neared orgasm, he pulled out

and ran his organ along her face,

ejaculating in big shots and trailing his come

back and forth across her features.

Simone, barely recovered, was made to suck him hard again,

while Clarissa, who had cleaned Simone’s young cunt,

licked yet more semen from Lavina’s face –

until, engorged by Simone’s tongue and throat,

he turned to face the face-cleaning Clarissa

and had her lie on her back with her legs spread wide.

Lavina, some come yet on her face, was told to lie

perpendicular to the already-positioned Clarissa, so that

Lavina’s head faced upwards just below the new victim’s cunt,

though the two girls’ bodies stretched off in different directions.

As Guyesp fucked that vagina, ordering its woman to clench tight,

Lavina was to stick her tongue up and lick at his balls.

When he stopped, fully within her, she was to immediately move

her tongue to lick just below his cock, at the top of the balls,

and dart her tongue about, with pressure and with speed.

Lavina complied.  Simone, the odd girl out, was told

to put her fist as deep inside Lavina’s cunt as she could.

The girl, her body exhausted from before,

put one finger in, then two,

then squeezed together a fist and pressed

it all the way inside, past the wrist.

Guyesp told her to punch, first as hard

forward as she could, then as hard back –

and she did, much to Lavina’s chagrin.

Lavina moaned in pain but darted her tongue

along his cock when it stopped, tasting

the girl’s pussy as well as his balls,

and, at length, he came for the third time.

Guyesp pulled out, had Simone, still fisting, suck him clean

and hard again, and then bent Lavina forward.

He pushed deep into her ass while Simone,

her tastebuds still wet with his growing cock,

now cleaned the his fluid out of Clarissa.

As fish, enclosed within an artificial pond,

hungry the crumbs of bread their master holds,

swim over one another until they blend together

in some new shape, morphing into all varieties,

so Guyesp directed Lavina, Simone, and Clarissa

that night, as if exploring every permutation.

He came inside Lavina’s rectum, and at last was sated.

He didn’t bother to talk, but sent all three straight home.


Lavina thought that the prince had grown crueler

in his year of free sex from two hundred and forty.

She and Isabel speculated about it,

and that princess born recounted the little she knew

of the way the prince’s mind turned,

and how, as befitting a noblewoman,

he had fucked her far more gently.


The harem was slowly but surely shrinking,

its women taken away, on occasion, to the nursery,

and the harem’s women were slowly but surely aging.

Lavina had turned fifteen, Isabel twenty.

More and more, the notion that someone – anyone –

was coming to rescue them

became one forgotten.

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