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Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

In Some Distant Place, a Fire
by Sean Garcia  /  poetry  /  5 Aug 2007

Tonight, there was a fire in the mountains:
Some random spark had caught between
Two willing twigs, and transformed the peaks
Of a range unassuming and familiar
Into a volcano.
It had been dormant all this time,
Waiting.  For a night like this one,
The right circumstances,
An excuse.
Glorious accident,
Tongues of screaming orange
Starving for so long,
Licking furiously, desperately, the night sky
Starless and bleak:
The flames were not at fault
For the destruction they wrought,
Swallowing heedlessly, joyously,
Everything they touched.

I thought of a woman I loved,
Like the mountain burning in the distance,
Whose heat I could feel across the miles --
And I knew I'd lost her.

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