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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

On the Perch Near the Birch
by Marc Sobel  /  poetry  /  4 Aug 2007

There's a tree in the sea

Where you'll see li'l old me

Standing with my arms at my chest


In my glove rests a dove

Whose true love gave a shove

And pushed her right out of the nest


With no light in the night

They had quite a bad fight

And both wound up screaming in tears


'Cause she thought that they ought

To have sought out and bought

The right bulb for their new chandeliers


So like a fool on a stool

In the pool at my school

I cradle her, shivering and cold


And I say it's ok

That they'll play in a day

But her love has grown weary and old


Then she starts to impart

How her heart's broke apart

And how they just can't see eye to eye


She won't hear my good cheer

And I fear he won't care

Still I beg her to give it a try.



- artwork by Leontine Greenberg -

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