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Dick Chaney Endorses Torture, Killing Americans
by Julian X  /  non-fiction  /  4 Feb 2009

Former Vice-President Dick Chaney, just days out of office, is already criticizing Obama -- something considered bad form for ex-Presidents and ex-V.P.s, even at the end of two terms in office.  So why would Chaney do this?  Because he just couldn't shut up about the absolute need to engage in unconstitutional illegality.

See, Chaney has long campaigned for torture, scaring people with the prospect of another 9/11.  This is a view popular with people who base their foreign policy on the TV show 24.  To most prominent Republicans, torture is just plain great, and if you're against it, you must want Americans to die -- and, they claim, Americans will die, unless you listen to the likes of Chaney.

Never mind that the U.S. government, including the Pentagon, has officially stated that torture produces little to no useful intelligence information.

Never mind that every claim to the contrary, including the claims made by President Bush in his exit interview, have been immediately and totally discredited.

Never mind that the U.S. government, including the Pentagon, has officially stated that our use of torture is the #1 way that terrorists recruit more terrorists.

Never mind that using torture loses the U.S. the moral high ground, meaning it has no right to complain when its own citizens are tortured.

Never mind that the founding fathers of the U.S. explicitly opposed torture, including waterboarding specifically -- and that waterboarding has been recognized as torture since the Spanish Inquisition, which also used it as an interrogation technique to extract forced confessions.

Never mind that the U.S. prosecuted people for torture, including waterboarding, after World War II, calling it a crime against humanity and sentencing people to death for doing it.

Never mind the U.S. has signed treaties explicitly prohibiting torture, including waterboarding, and that the U.S. constitution explicitly states that such international treaties are of the same legal weight as the constitution itself.

Never mind all that:  Chaney is already criticizing Obama for not torturing, saying that this is likely to lead to another a "9/11-type event."  And, ignoring that he's already been exposed as fraudulently trumpeting exactly this, Chaney is once again raising the specter of a terrorist nuclear attack.

So, in other words, if there's a terrorist attack against the U.S., Chaney's pro-torture policy will be proved right.

What this means is that Chaney's saying to the terrorists:  if you don't like Obama, kill Americans.  And that, should terrorists do this, Chaney will be proved right.

Of course, this gives the terrorists all the power.  This is more than a little ironic, given how Chaney and others have criticized countries for letting terrorist attacks influence their elections.  But Bush's administration was run on terror, scaring Americans with the prospect of terrorism, so such ironies are nothing new.

What is new is that the world recognizes that terrorists are worried about Obama, since he's making inroads with moderate Muslims and cutting off Muslim support for terrorism.  Add this to the fact that everyone objective, including Bush's own government, has acknowledged that his pro-torture policies helped terrorists.  This is a really dangerous combination.

So what Chaney's consulting terrorists to do is to kill more Americans.  And he's promising that, if they do, Obama's anti-terrorism plan will be derailed and Chaney's pro-terrorism policies will be proved correct.

Can anyone else spell treason?

That's right:  treason.

I mean, surely the guy who said that those against unilaterally invading Iraq was "objectively pro-Saddam" can see that his recent statements are objectively pro-terrorism.

That's right:  if you're scaring people about Obama overturning Bush's pro-torture policies, you're not just incorrect, discredited, helping recruit new terrorists, encouraging torture of Americans, against the founding fathers, standing with the Inquisition, against the U.S. prosecution of Nazis, and against the U.S. constitution itself -- not to mention just morally wrong.

You're also now objectively pro-terrorism, in favor of terrorist attacks on America, and an outright traitor.

Congratulations, Chaney.

Congratulations, Republican party.

Always finding new lows to which to stoop.  But that's what true believers do:  they drink the Kool-Aid.  Reality need not apply, and actual facts or logic gets thrown out like so much C.I.A. intelligence on Iraq.  No wonder Chaney defends the Inquisition.  True ideologues just don't know when to stop digging.

Here's hoping they dig their way to the punishment that war criminals and traitors deserve.

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