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Palin Gaffs
by Julian X  /  non-fiction  /  5 Oct 2008

I've previously written about Palin's nomination.  You've probably seen some of these before, but it's worth recapping some of the ensuing gaffs.

Interviewed by Charlie Gibson, Palin couldn't identify the Bush Doctrine, which is the idea, said to be a response to terrorism, that a relatively minor risk of an attack justifies preemptive military intervention.  In international policy, it's the theoretical lynchpin of the Iraq War.  Here's Palin's understanding:

Now, I can justify not identifying the Bush Doctrine off-hand.  Maybe she was tense and didn't want to make a mistake.  But she could have outlined her understanding of it and asked for clarification.  Instead, she transparently doesn't know what she's talking about.

Then came the disastrous interview with Katie Couric, which is a goldmine of unqualified responses.  She showed that she had no knowledge to support her claims about John McCain's record in the Senate:

Asked if she can give an example other than X, she gives X and speaks of generalities.  Her lack of specifics exposes how McCain has actually helped create the current economic crisis through his long focus on deregulation.  And finally, she reponds to a request for specific by promising to get back to the interviewer.  Seriously, "I'll bring 'em to ya," said with a smile, has to be the most insultingly folksy way of dodging a question that I've ever seen.

Next, Palin's asked about her and McCain's claims that Alaska's proximity to Russia obviates the need for any direct foreign policy experience.  It recalls how Obama was mocked for claiming that his having lived and travelled abroad counted as his own foreign policy experience -- except worse.  It's very much like a governor of Florida claiming that his proximity to Cuba represents foreign policy experience.  Or a governor of a state bordering Canada or Mexico making similar claims.  Except that those states actually have to deal with issues like illegal immigration, whereas Alaska isn't facing an influx of Russian boats sailing across the Bering Straight.

In her stuttering response, Palin goes as far as to claim that Putin has flown over Alaskan airspace, which is flatly untrue.

More shocking was Palin's response to the then-pending controversial $700-billion bailout bill, which both McCain and Obama endorse.  The bill was mostly designed to prevent an imminent crisis in short-term capital.

Again, Palin demonstrates that she just doesn't know what she's talking about.  She stutters about health care reform, job creation, tax relief, trade, and reigning in spending, moving from issue to issue.  Lest there be any doubt, she explicitly claims that the bailout bill pertains to these issues, which shows that she has no idea what the bailout bill is.  It not only doesn't affect any of those issues, but actually is directly the opposite of "reigning in spending."

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