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Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

The Partyís Raging but the Messiah Stands Us Up
by Julian X  /  non-fiction  /  17 Sep 2008

Religion, with its faith above reason.  Religion, with its faith above people.  How many children have, by its repression, been denied healthy, satisfying sexual lives?  What are the damages due for that alone?


Religion simply serves no purpose anymore.  It offers no convincing answers to any meaningful questions.  It tells us to be good, but we either know that instinctively or never will.  It tells us to be good, then tells us to kill and hurt others.  Our microscopes and telescopes tell us more than all the sacred texts.  Our scientific treatises are at least open to revision.  Religion can offer only fear and what we know to be false answers, platitudes to get us to calm our fear of the dark.  There are some ways in which we have to grow up.


Iím so much more moved by art and science, by these pathetic humans striving and creating, finding distant stars and exploring the Big Bang.  Figuring out the mechanisms behind an inexplicable universe, making buildings and novels and music in the wake of death, even knowing theyíre doomed and helpless in the face of death.  What heroes, these philosophers, those brave soldiers.


Weíre all going to die and, as far as anyone knows, it doesnít matter.  God, thatís wonderfully freeing.  Hard but liberating.  Iím not going to hide from my feelings, from myself or from the truth, to fuck, to love, to live, when I know that, when I accept the horror for what it is.

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