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Loving Japan Obligatory! #4:  "I'm Here for My Cunt Exam!"
by Julian X  /  non-fiction  /  14 Aug 2008

In this installment, we'll look at a few images from Japan.

Weird Asian News has this lovely photograph from a Japanese hospital:

Wondering where to go for your "cunt examination?"  Well, that's why hospitals have signs like this one.

This is a case of poor translation into English.  We can only speculate what English dictionairy was being used in this case.

Next up, from Japundit, we have this sign for a club in Kamata, Tokyo, which should put the lie to all those stereotypes of Japanese women as shy and submissive:

That's right:  you can go party down at Club Bitch.  Or, at least, you could.  Unfortunately, this club has reportedly closed down.

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