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Thoughts on Mentality, in Lubeck
by Gregory Wilde  /  non-fiction  /  16 May 2008

We place much importance on our aspirations and the need to feel as a part of society. I do believe that people from everywhere you look are fundamentally the same. We eat, we drink, we talk, we desire to make love, we want to live and see the legacy of our sons and daughters prosper into the future. When I see terrorists, murderers, rapists, and all the like, I see the adoption of a blind hatred that usually stems from religion, television, music, movies, video games, pop culture, or history. A normal (what ever that is) person wants the same accomplishments that the next normal person aspires towards.

When people become blinded by false gods and heroes, they fall into a trap, believing that their life is worthless, and thus, must be used for a greater purpose. Their body is no longer their own, but a part of a system that destroys society, and most of the time, it's that society that they attack in which they could not belong to.

To have false profits and heroes is fake and misleading. No one can change the course of history or influence a generation. The heroes that reasonable sophisticated people look to (e.g. Bob Dylan or John Lennon) are people that want(ed) the same thing we do. Their legacy will be passed down to their children, and their death will only bring upon a day of mourning, and thankfulness for what they gave the world.

People become disillusioned by the idea that they themselves can change the world with one wish or idea or action. When their cause for significant change is not realized, they may turn to evil, flipping the coin on their initial idea of goodness, to bring terror and murder. Rejection can be one of the hardest parts of life to deal with. The feeling of being pushed aside causes humans to contemplate their meaning in society and their overall worthiness.

If we were always accepted, I believe that the world would drastically change for the worse. Rejection is needed, and a part of everyday society. To be accepted is a grand feeling of joy. The first time with a girl /guy, our first job, acceptance into college, etc. These moments of acceptance make humans belong to a greater good a society built on progression towards the positive and eventual successes.

As for me, I must keep on striving to find my purpose in society and in life. Even though at times I feel lost, and outside the box (especially when traveling) it is fundamental to remember that everyday is beautiful and a true gift, one that cannot be ruined with hate and unnecessary blindness.

Living brings upon the chance of unimaginable possibilities. If you've been dealt a bad hand, your time is going to come! Do not fall into the ritual of believing in false gods or heroes or religions or evil ideologies. Hate will never bring happiness. Hate is the act from someone who is weak and cannot deal with his / her own feelings. Be yourself and in time you will build your own legacy constructed on a positive outlook on life, and the desire to see the sunset turn into sunrise.

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