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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

18 Dec 2009  Explaining the Financial Crisis and the Bailouts (by Julian X)  Explained in simple, easy-to-understand language.
17 Sep 2009  Meet the Cunt #3:  The Republican Party (by Julian X)  Get real.  Republican sins and why no one should take them seriously ever again.
1 Sep 2009  Meet the Cunt #2:  Glenn Beck (by Julian X)  Psycho Fox host Glenn Beck embarrasses himself yet again, explaining that ACORN controls the planet's tides.
30 Mar 2009  Meet the Cunt #1:  Exxon (by Julian X)  All about the real corporate horror behind the Exxon Valdez oil spill, on the occasion of that spill's 20th anniversary.
4 Feb 2009  Dick Chaney Endorses Torture, Killing Americans (by Julian X)  Chaney and the pro-torture lobby now cross the line into treason.
6 Oct 2008  Palin on the Supreme Court (by Julian X)  Dissecting Palin's answer on Roe v. Wade.
5 Oct 2008  Palin Gaffs (by Julian X)  Some of Palin's greatest hits.
4 Oct 2008  Palin (by Julian X)  On McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential candidate.
28 Sep 2008  And When We Long, We Long as Gatsby (by Julian X)  Appreciating and understanding F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.
27 Sep 2008  “On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity,” 25 December 1629 (by Julian X)  Milton uses a poem on Christ's birth to bend time and space.
26 Sep 2008  Invocation to the Poetic Journey to Epic: “Hail native Language” (in “At a Vacation Exercise”) (by Julian X)  John Milton, as a young man, invokes his own poetic journey, wrapping all of his subsequent works in autobiographic meta-poetry.
25 Sep 2008  "W - a - l - d - e - n," a large number of words by "T - h - o - r - e - a - u" (by Julian X)  A major essay on Thoreau, writing, and American identity.
24 Sep 2008  The Old Conventional Metamorphosis:  Transvestitism in The Taming of the Shrew and Shakespeare (by Julian X)  Implications of cross-dressing in Shakespeare, paying particular attention to The Taming of the Shrew, that greatest of Shakespeare plays on gender.
23 Sep 2008  The Mistaken and Apologetic Chorus:  Shakespearean Faultlines in Henry V (by Julian X)  An essay by Julian Darius on the Chorus in Henry V and what it points out about the play's contradictions.
22 Sep 2008  Cast Away Review (by Julian X)  A satirical review, by Julian Darius, of the Tom Hanks picture, focusing on his character's love affair with Wilson.
21 Sep 2008  I Need a Secretary (by Julian X)  On the film Secretary and its social and philosophical implications.
20 Sep 2008  Against Gardner (by Julian X)  An essay critiquing the theory of multiple intelligences, attributed to Howard Gardner.
19 Sep 2008  Love the Good Women, Boys, Love the Good Women (by Julian X)  An essay on love and relationships... and a necessary counter-balance to men's knowledge and acceptance of their identities as men.
18 Sep 2008  How to Have Fun with Scrabble (by Julian X)  A post-colonial and postmodern linguistic analysis of the classic game Scrabble.
17 Sep 2008  The Party’s Raging but the Messiah Stands Us Up (by Julian X)  A brief message on religion and the freedom one slowly finds in its absence.
adult content11 Sep 2008  Pulling the Cheese from the Mousetrap:  Donne’s “The Bait” as (Anti-)Pornographic Narrative Fantasy (by Julian X)  A new reading of Donne's "The Bait," as well as pornographic elements in Renaissance poetry that are often ignored by critics.
4 Sep 2008  The Danger of Personality Tests (by Julian X)  The danger and power of online personality tests.
27 Aug 2008  Hillary's Convention Speech and Revisionist History (by Julian X)  Hillary's reinvention of herself as the female candidate -- and her offensive ignorance of the actual history of the women's movement.
27 Aug 2008  Hillary's Speech Good but Superficial (by Julian X)  How Hillary's convention speech, good as it was, may have actually hurt Obama's chances.
27 Aug 2008  Speeches that Could Have Been:  Hillary at the Convention (by Julian X)  What Hillary might have said.
23 Aug 2008  Biden is Obama's V.P. Choice (by Julian X)  Why I'm thrilled with Obama's choice -- and with Biden.
adult content14 Aug 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #4:  "I'm Here for My Cunt Exam!" (by Julian X)  A couple images from Japan using English amusingly.
26 Jun 2008  Old Dog (by Gabriel Montagné)  Description of an old but beloved dog.
24 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 6 of 6) (by Julian X)  In which we discuss and appraise the philosophy behind Gor, which sees women as liking to be slaves by nature.
22 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 5 of 6) (by Julian X)  The Goreans, who see women as natural slaves, join the Second Life community.
21 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 4 of 6) (by Julian X)  In which men take actual female slaves, inspired by the Gor series of novels, and run afoul of the BDSM community for not using safe words.
20 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 3 of 6) (by Julian X)  The Gor series of novels, in which women enjoy being slaves on an alien planet, inspires a movement.
19 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 2 of 6) (by Julian X)  The career of John Norman, creator of the Gor series, in which women like the be slaves.
18 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 1 of 6) (by Julian X)  Meet the Goreans... followings of a series of sci-fi novels who think that women ought to be slaves -- and that they'll love it.
adult content17 Jun 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #3:  Masturbation Devices (by Julian X)  Three Japanese cases of masturbation technology:  the robotic wanking device, the ultra-cool masturbation cup, and the sperm microscope.
8 Jun 2008  The Largest Garbage Dump on Earth (by Julian X)  In the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from anywhere, there's a giant swirl of floating trash larger than Texas, where plastics kill fish and birds before filtering up to us.
6 Jun 2008  Tiananmen Square 19 Years Later (by Julian X)  China still holds something like 130 students from the 1989 protests.  As the Olympic games near, China seems to be massing for war.
adult content3 Jun 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #2:  Pedophilia and Optimus Prime (by Julian X)  The history of the most notorious Transformers line in history:  Kiss Players, which saw Optimus Prime get an apparently underage girlfriend -- who the villains were implicitly out to rape.
16 May 2008  Thoughts on Mentality, in Lubeck (by Gregory Wilde)  While in Germany (Lubeck, located in the north) I saw myself looking at the mentality of human beings, and the causes of hate and murder. Love is all you need.
adult content13 May 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #1:  Sex Doll (by Julian X)  Beginning a series on weird Japanese stuff.  Japan is a land where everything seems more technologically advanced... so why not the sex doll?
2 Apr 2008  Feminism was a Response to Dishwashers (by Julian X)  On the sexual revolution in evolutionary terms.
1 Apr 2008  Yellow Sign Series in the Vatican Museum (by Julian X)  On the most brilliant work in the Vatican Museum that you've never heard of:  a series of yellow warning signs that is both thoroughly postmodern and profoundly Christian.
26 Mar 2008  Obama Just the Beginning (by Julian X)  On what the Barack Obama phenomenon really means -- and where it goes from here.
23 Mar 2008  The American Dream In Europe and The New Spain (by Gregory Wilde)  The American Dream in Europe is sold to writers in America very well. But the problem lies in the reality of that dream. Spain has a lot to offer, by way of culture, and possibilities, but it is still part of the American European Dream.
3 Mar 2008  Hillary:  Obama May be Muslim (by Julian X)  The latest in a long line of smears against Obama as Muslim.
11 Jan 2008  Unelectable Hillary (by Julian X)  On the myth that Hillary is somehow the Democrats' best shot.
9 Jan 2008  Bush / Clinton (by Julian X)  Similarities between Bush and Clinton politics.
26 Oct 2007  A Modest Proposal (by Jonathan Swift)  The classic satire on the eating of Irish children as both moral and practical.
9 Oct 2007  Soul Drifter (by Gregory Wilde)  This article is intended to help everyone when traveling abroad.  Sometimes it's hard to aquire the art of understanding culture shock, and why it happens, to nearly everyone.  Instead of fearing the wave of the unknown society, become a soul drifter, fly. 
28 Sep 2007  Waiting For the Sun (by Gregory Wilde)  A true story of a trip to Paris that ended brightly.
7 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 6) (by Julian X)  Concluding our study, we now look at Shakespeare's poetry and offer a conclusion -- as well as our study's bibliography.
6 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 5) (by Julian X)  We now turn to Renaissance poetry, particularly that of John Donne and Ben Jonson.
5 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 4) (by Julian X)  This time, we turn to the plays of Ben Jonson.
4 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 3) (by Julian X)  Continuing our look at how his audience influenced Shakespeare's plays.
3 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 2) (by Julian X)  Continuing our look at how the audience affected English Renaissance literature, we now turn to Shakespeare.
2 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 1) (by Julian X)  Beginning a look at the audience of the English Renaissance and how it informed production of both plays and poetry.
21 Aug 2007  The "half-told and mangled tale" of Caleb Williams (Part 1) (by Julian X)  An argument for the unreliable narrator in William Godwin's novel Caleb Williams.
21 Aug 2007  The "half-told and mangled tale" of Caleb Williams (Part 2) (by Julian X)  Concluding our argument for the unreliable narrator in William Godwin's novel Caleb Williams.
14 Aug 2007  Implications of Dante’s Placing of Ulysses in Hell (by Julian X)  A new examination of Dante's famously controversial choice.
11 Aug 2007  Where There's Smoke (by Sean Garcia)  A personal essay on the most self-destructive modern pleasure.
7 Aug 2007  On "Renaissance" (Part 2) (by Julian X)  Concluding our look at the term and what it represents.
7 Aug 2007  On "Renaissance" (Part 1) (by Julian X)  On the term and what it represents, illustrated with examples.
14 Jul 2007  Angry Emo Love Letter (by Ozymandias Brown)  The art of rejectionary self-loathing at play, burning bridges angrily.
1 Jul 2007  What Makes a Politician the "Real Thing" (by Ozymandias Brown)  A short essay on a very closely guarded secret.

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