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today is 31 Mar 2023

26 Jun 2008  Old Dog (by Gabriel Montagné)  Description of an old but beloved dog.
16 May 2008  Thoughts on Mentality, in Lubeck (by Gregory Wilde)  While in Germany (Lubeck, located in the north) I saw myself looking at the mentality of human beings, and the causes of hate and murder. Love is all you need.
23 Mar 2008  The American Dream In Europe and The New Spain (by Gregory Wilde)  The American Dream in Europe is sold to writers in America very well. But the problem lies in the reality of that dream. Spain has a lot to offer, by way of culture, and possibilities, but it is still part of the American European Dream.
9 Oct 2007  Soul Drifter (by Gregory Wilde)  This article is intended to help everyone when traveling abroad.  Sometimes it's hard to aquire the art of understanding culture shock, and why it happens, to nearly everyone.  Instead of fearing the wave of the unknown society, become a soul drifter, fly. 
28 Sep 2007  Waiting For the Sun (by Gregory Wilde)  A true story of a trip to Paris that ended brightly.

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