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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Used Paradise
by Julian X  /  multimedia  /  13 Jan 2008

You want to see a picture

of the heaven of your bed

but all I see is Eden,

a tourist trap, instead.


No angel with a flaming brand

guards the entranceway.

Or if he does, he falls asleep

with a little Tanqueray.


You lead us in like Adam

to easy pleasure without length,

but we sure don’t feel like Adam

when we suspect we’re third or tenth.


You spray perfume and disinfect

and I won’t say it don’t please,

but those pearly gates look a little worn

and the whole place might have fleas.


Some say that our first home

decayed after the Fall.

God gave you an Eden

and you turned it ‘to a stall.


All you wanted was a little fun

and a little liberation,

but now your property values

are lower than tarnation.


You’re not like a used car salesman;

they learned their tricks from you:

lyin’ about miles

and pretending it feels like new.


Your asking price may only be

a smile and a little soul,

but I think that’s too much to pay

for this well-mined hole.


‘Cause when you’re in the market

for a paradise not loaned,

any self-respectin’ man

don’t want to buy pre-owned.


You want to see a picture

of the heaven of your bed

but all I see is an Eden,

a tourist trap instead.

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