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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

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Peace and Other Stories
book by Julian X

Peace and Other Stories contains scripts for the graphic novel Peace, seven short stories, and the graphic novel When the Koi Speaks -- all starring Irene, a poor Greek girl merged with Buddhist nothingness to become a fearsome killer.  Were these scripts produced, they would run 564 story pages.

This book is a graphic novel script telling the story of a woman who lost everything.  A story of compelling beauty and traumatizing violence, it is not for the prudish or the weak of heart.

As a girl, Irene begged on the streets for food.  When she married a rich Japanese businessman, she thought her life complete.  But when she and her life are brutalized, her refusal to surrender begins a journey that will lead her to Japan and to become an assassin so ruthless that gangsters the world over speak of her in whispers.

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