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3 Jul 2008  The Basement (by Gabriel Montagné)  A psychological tale.
25 Oct 2007  Unwound Storm (by Gregory Wilde)  A story of a man, a singer, who is inside a dream of reality and fiction.  At least you won't get a rip off, this story is hardly here or there.  Maybe you should read it and become everywhere.
adult content8 Oct 2007  Our Brothers and Sisters Wave Hello and Goodbye From the Fleeting House (by Gregory Wilde)  Meeting love at the fleeting house.
25 Sep 2007  Touch (by Gregory Wilde)  Invested reading in reading that is not invested in time or with people, but within a person that claims to be worldwide in authorship, but cannot and will not let his ego slide to understand the properties of what an author is and what an author can be, for this, he will never understand, because I see it his way, and he sees it his way, and if he were to choose to see it another way, he would lose all his creative energy that is already lost since the day he was born.
23 Sep 2007  The Wise American (by Gregory Wilde)  A story of an American man and his demons.
22 Sep 2007  The Well (by Gregory Wilde)  A boy lives through two moments that will change his life, for better or for worse.
adult content16 Sep 2007  The Irish Irish / Part 3 (by Gregory Wilde)  The Dublin adventure concludes.
adult content15 Sep 2007  The Irish Irish / Part 2 (by Gregory Wilde)  Part two of the Irish saga:  all football, wealth, girls, and sex.
adult content14 Sep 2007  The Irish Irish / Part 1 (by Gregory Wilde)  A story of the Irish.
8 Sep 2007  Homeless (by Gregory Wilde)  When all else fails, we can whip the horse's eyes.
adult content7 Sep 2007  Child (by Gregory Wilde)  On sex, conception, and birth into the world of the absurd.
1 Sep 2007  Her Breathing Sea (by Gregory Wilde)  If the sea were a woman.

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