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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Marc Sobel

Marc Sobel ( is a writer of scripts, graphic novels, short stories and poems, as well as a budding novelist.  He is also a freelance journalist in the field of comic book study, and has published reviews, interviews and commentary in several publications including The Comics Journal, Sequart, Comic Book Galaxy, The Great Curve and the now defunct Insomniazine.  Shelf Life, his ongoing study of Los Bros Hernandez' classic series, Love & Rockets, is currently being serialized at  Marc is also the author of the forthcoming 14 Days in Sri Lanka, a photo travel memoir of a visit to the island of Sri Lanka in early 2006, and of an illustrated short story/poetry collection called A Sudden Rise in Life with Leontine Greenberg.  A few copies are still available at Autopsy Press.  

Items Authored:

10 Oct 2007  Late Night on the Uptown 30 (poetry)  A strange vision on his evening commute brings a man face to face with himself.
7 Oct 2007  The Sweet Taste of One Single Tear (poetry)  A devastating poem about the numbness beyond pain.
3 Oct 2007  The Schoolbus Graveyard (poetry)  A former school bus driver laments the deterioration of education in America.
11 Sep 2007  Reflections on the Fifth Anniversary (poetry)  The poet reflects on the fifth anniversary of 9/11.
5 Sep 2007  Ashes and Scars (poetry)  A bleak poem about modern society.
29 Aug 2007  The First Day of Spring in Central Park (poetry)  A reminiscence of New York City at its best.
23 Aug 2007  The Archer (poetry)  The mad ramblings of a midnight gunman at the New York Public Library.
16 Aug 2007  Lucinda Part 2 (poetry)  An illustrated poem about caffeine addiction.
10 Aug 2007  A Subway Driver's Lament (poetry)  An illustrated poem about "unavoidable delays."
4 Aug 2007  On the Perch Near the Birch (poetry)  An illustrated poem about doves.
30 Jul 2007  A Dream About Tom Waits (poetry)  A strange confluence of celebrity and imagination.
29 Jul 2007  Seven Months (poetry)  The poet learns he is going to be a father.
21 Jul 2007  The Ballad of St. Mark's Place (poetry)  A meditation on aging and the transformation of cities.
17 Jul 2007  Insomnia (poetry)  "All good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings."  - William Wordsworth
10 Jul 2007  The Forgotten Painting (poetry)  A tragic poem about eternal love.