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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Sean Garcia

Sean Garcia lives in Honolulu.  After not graduating from the University of Hawaii, he became a waiter outside of Waikiki.  Sean's influences range from cognac to whiskey.  He is currently working on a novel.

Items Authored:

adult content7 Feb 2009  The Incinerator (poetry)  Another piece, inspired by yet another muse, with names changed to protect the guilty.
2 Feb 2008  Haiku (poetry)  Inspired by the metamorphosis of things.
17 Jan 2008  A horse is a horse (poetry)  No shit sherlock.
4 Dec 2007  A Question For Monet (poetry)  The author wonders about flowers.  Just flowers.
14 Oct 2007  KGV 224 (poetry)  To hell with pretty faces.
11 Oct 2007  My Better Judgement (poetry)  The poet wonders whether his better judgement is a liar.
13 Sep 2007  Letter to K (fiction)  Epistolary portrait of the artist as a young man, after breaking up with a beautiful woman.
11 Aug 2007  Where There's Smoke (non-fiction)  A personal essay on the most self-destructive modern pleasure.
audio available5 Aug 2007  In Some Distant Place, a Fire (poetry)  The poet realizes that he is watching something dear, burning.
audio available1 Aug 2007  Ballad of a Failed Race Car Driver (poetry)  A bluegrass love song on the intersection of quotidian and dreams.
audio available24 Jul 2007  Untitled (poetry)  A reflection on the passage of childhood.
adult content13 Jul 2007  The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine (fiction)  A man gets his dong chopped off in a mysterious pagan ritual.
audio available5 Jul 2007  Evolution (poetry)  On monkeys, bananas, and Darwin... in a bastardization of Alexander Pope.
audio available1 Jul 2007  Business Lunch (fiction)  Meet Nixon Arguile, a private dick (and a public one, too) with expensive tastes and a shady business partner to meet.