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CLOSE / Parnassiad

Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Mark Osborne

Mark Osborne is a currently-enrolled student at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.  He studies Computer Science in hopes to one day become the authoritarian dictator of India.  Presently, he indulges in crude acts condemned by society, usually while intoxicated.

Items Authored:

6 Apr 2009  Keep Smiling (poetry)  A short poem on an inevitable right of passage into self-awareness.
adult content18 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 313-316 (poetry)  Another delicate offering of drones flying away.
adult content16 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 309-312 (poetry)  Offense was clearly the goal of the latest installment in the series.
adult content14 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 305-308 (poetry)  The originator comes back to condemn more people to hell with his poetry or lack thereof.
adult content12 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 301-304 (poetry)  More horrid poetry offered to the masses by the originator of the form.
adult content9 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 193-196 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content8 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 189-192 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content24 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 133-136 (poetry)  Four more expositions on the goodness of Man.
adult content23 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 129-132 (poetry)  Four more classics of the Japanese haiku form.
adult content22 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 125-128 (poetry)  Four more delicate offerings.
adult content21 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 121-124 (poetry)  Four additional poetic gems.
adult content20 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 117-120 (poetry)  Four more instant classics.
adult content19 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 113-116 (poetry)  Four more from the originator of the form.
adult content18 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 109-112 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content17 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 105-108 (poetry)  Four more gems.
adult content16 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 101-104 (poetry)  The originator of the form returns once more for four more.
adult content1 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 41-44 (poetry)  The originator of the form returns.
adult content20 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 21-24 (poetry)  Yet a sixth offering!  Be offended... be very offended.
adult content19 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 17-20 (poetry)  A fifth offering of haiku, those delicate observations, here focused on base and taboo subjects.
adult content18 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 13-16 (poetry)  Another offering of tender haiku on offensive subjects.
adult content17 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 9-12 (poetry)  A third offering of delicate Japanese flowers.
adult content16 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 5-8 (poetry)  Another offering of delicate flowers.
adult content15 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 1-4 (poetry)  The first of many offensive but delicately beautiful haiku groupings.