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Gregory Wilde

Gregory Wilde is currently living in America.  In 2008, he has started his Save the Bees Campaign, which is currently setting records for saving bees in Hawaii!  Gregory makes it a point to save at least one bee a day.  To learn more, email Gregory at, 

Gregory also co-writes, produces, and stars in the Literary Escort Services PodcastSeason 1 is available on, and on itunes.  Season 2 is set to be released in November of 2008. 

Gregory would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to join the Save the Bees Campaign, by emailing today!  Together you can save the amazing species of bees, so one day you too can be affected by the powers of a bee.

Items Authored:

5 Apr 2009  Untitled #11 (poetry)  The last from Poetry on Chan.
3 Apr 2009  Untitled #10 (poetry)  Number 10 from Poetry on Chan.
1 Apr 2009  Untitled #9 (poetry)  Number 9 from Poetry on Chan.
31 Mar 2009  Untitled #8 (poetry)  Number 8 from Poetry on Chan.
29 Jan 2009  Untitled #7 (poetry)  Number 7 from Poetry on Chan.
28 Jan 2009  Untitled #6 (poetry)  Number 6 from Poetry on Chan.
27 Jan 2009  Untitled #5 (poetry)  Number 5 from Poetry on Chan.
26 Jan 2009  Untitled #4 (poetry)  Number 4 from Poetry on Chan.
25 Jan 2009  Untitled #3 (poetry)  Number 3 from Poetry on Chan.
24 Jan 2009  Untitled #2 (poetry)  Number 2 from Poetry on Chan.
23 Jan 2009  Untitled #1 (poetry)  Number 1 from Poetry on Chan.
17 Oct 2008  From Italy to Japan (poetry)  Lying to tell the truth, we ruin everything with a trail of smoke.
adult contentaudio available2 Jul 2008  Spoiled Life / Spoiled Death (poetry)  Written in Ireland, 2003.
28 Jun 2008  Come Back to Me (poetry)  "Cutting through time like a memory strung on a wire."
adult contentaudio available27 Jun 2008  Sin & Death (poetry)  Written in Amsterdam, 2004.
adult contentaudio available26 Jun 2008  Blonde & Black (poetry)  Written in France, 2004.  Performed live, Berkeley, 2004.
audio available25 Jun 2008  Back to Sleep (poetry)  Written in Berkeley, 2004.
audio available15 Jun 2008  Cardinal Joy  (poetry)  Written in Berkeley, 2004.
audio available14 Jun 2008  Virgin Blades  (poetry)  Written in France, 2004.
adult content13 Jun 2008  Sleepless & the red cafe (poetry)  Remember the night I swam and left you alone? You met me, in the red cafe.
12 Jun 2008  Gregory Wilde's 2003 Europe Pictures (Series Two) (artwork)  The final series of 2003 Europe pictures.
11 Jun 2008  Gregory Wilde's 2003 Europe Pictures (Series One) (artwork)  A series of pictures taken in Annecy in 2003.
7 Jun 2008  Florence Pictures (Series Two) (artwork)  The second series of European pictures taken from January to March, 2008.
5 Jun 2008  Florence Pictures (Series One) (artwork)  The first series of European pictures taken from January to March, 2008.
16 May 2008  Thoughts on Mentality, in Lubeck (non-fiction)  While in Germany (Lubeck, located in the north) I saw myself looking at the mentality of human beings, and the causes of hate and murder. Love is all you need.
adult content11 May 2008  One Hawaiian, Bra. (poetry)  My life...oh, the beauty of my life in Hawaii...
10 May 2008  Simple Twist of Fate (Revisited) (poetry)  They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn...if that's true, then you've got nothing to win and nothing to lose.
adult content9 May 2008  Hookin' Hooker's Hook (poetry)  A girl follows a hooker one night, and it might just change her 15 year old life.
8 May 2008  Hemingway's Shots (poetry)  What were you doing when Hemingway's last shot shattered the sky?
2 May 2008  every grain is not the same (poetry)  Written while on the sands of Travemünde, the darkness around us.  Something had to change then.
31 Mar 2008  Exchange (poetry)  To exchange our lives, if only.
23 Mar 2008  The American Dream In Europe and The New Spain (non-fiction)  The American Dream in Europe is sold to writers in America very well. But the problem lies in the reality of that dream. Spain has a lot to offer, by way of culture, and possibilities, but it is still part of the American European Dream.
15 Jan 2008  Goodbye (poetry)  The end of humanity, and the end of Gregory Wilde on this site.  What more can you ask for?  Good luck to you all.
7 Jan 2008  We Notice (poetry)  Oh, how they know everything we don't.
12 Dec 2007  Dear, Geisha Girl (poetry)  American girls... I remember them.
adult content11 Dec 2007  Inside Your Pussy (poetry)  In an attempt to fit into a website that has fallen on hard times.
10 Dec 2007  To My Son, Hyacinth (poetry)  I hope that someday people will care about the Earth, and care about what's happening around us, as we live and die, life is more than observation, we need to bite in, feel our gums dig deep, into the warlord's necks.
3 Dec 2007  Lie Lied Lay (poetry)  There is no use in crying.
2 Dec 2007  Sound-Proof Friend (poetry)  The reality of the Devil's arcade.
25 Oct 2007  Unwound Storm (fiction)  A story of a man, a singer, who is inside a dream of reality and fiction.  At least you won't get a rip off, this story is hardly here or there.  Maybe you should read it and become everywhere.
24 Oct 2007  Earth Part II (poetry)  Don't you dare read this.
23 Oct 2007  Brain-Child (poetry)  A journey from A to B.
22 Oct 2007  I Write (poetry)  A poem from the rain king.
21 Oct 2007  Wild Honey (poetry)  While watching the stories of friends, sometimes we miss what's between friends.
13 Oct 2007  A Thought On Today For Tomorrow (For Neil) (poetry)  "Some people look at their life and say, well, my life's like a movie, and then they talk about what scenes went down, and then ah, in some movies there's tunes, and ah, this is like a show tune for my movie."
12 Oct 2007  Dancing in a Burning Room (poetry)  Words on more shootings, failing economy, and questions on why would anyone doubt America is years away from crumbling.  Sad.
9 Oct 2007  Soul Drifter (non-fiction)  This article is intended to help everyone when traveling abroad.  Sometimes it's hard to aquire the art of understanding culture shock, and why it happens, to nearly everyone.  Instead of fearing the wave of the unknown society, become a soul drifter, fly. 
adult content8 Oct 2007  Our Brothers and Sisters Wave Hello and Goodbye From the Fleeting House (fiction)  Meeting love at the fleeting house.
6 Oct 2007  The Youth (Street Fortune) (poetry)  I am the youth, you are the youth, we are losing, we are lost, and we must regain.
adult content5 Oct 2007  Chance Encounter (scripts)  From the time of Adam and Eve, we have been deceived, plagued, rioted, stolen, taken, and shown the door, but ye shall be saved.
4 Oct 2007  Pretty to Plain (poetry)  Pay the plain girls attention, for they are the truth of grace.
2 Oct 2007  Dark Prayer (poetry)  Reality is painful.
1 Oct 2007  From the Fragments (poetry)  Save yourself before it's too late.
30 Sep 2007  Death In Staring (poetry)  Save the days.
29 Sep 2007  We Shall Jump (poetry)  Gather around the bridge and jump.
28 Sep 2007  Waiting For the Sun (non-fiction)  A true story of a trip to Paris that ended brightly.
27 Sep 2007  Bring the Band (poetry)  In the memory of Uncle Albert.
26 Sep 2007  make me love you (poetry)  Sometimes we have to beg.
25 Sep 2007  Touch (fiction)  Invested reading in reading that is not invested in time or with people, but within a person that claims to be worldwide in authorship, but cannot and will not let his ego slide to understand the properties of what an author is and what an author can be, for this, he will never understand, because I see it his way, and he sees it his way, and if he were to choose to see it another way, he would lose all his creative energy that is already lost since the day he was born.
23 Sep 2007  The Wise American (fiction)  A story of an American man and his demons.
22 Sep 2007  The Well (fiction)  A boy lives through two moments that will change his life, for better or for worse.
21 Sep 2007  Make It Right, Devil Eyes (poetry)  Running for Hong Kong in the Meat Rack Tavern.
20 Sep 2007  Depressions In Your Neck (poetry)  Cold and pithy.
19 Sep 2007  Khalil's Ballad (poetry)  The words were changed, but the song remains the same.
18 Sep 2007  Call Me, Baby (poetry)  Come on and call me, Baby, come on.
adult content16 Sep 2007  The Irish Irish / Part 3 (fiction)  The Dublin adventure concludes.
adult content15 Sep 2007  The Irish Irish / Part 2 (fiction)  Part two of the Irish saga:  all football, wealth, girls, and sex.
adult content14 Sep 2007  The Irish Irish / Part 1 (fiction)  A story of the Irish.
12 Sep 2007  At the End of a Bottle (poetry)  The dream is over, yesterday.
9 Sep 2007  Films on Ghosts (poetry)  The fool in love, when love is ice upon the water.
8 Sep 2007  Homeless (fiction)  When all else fails, we can whip the horse's eyes.
adult content7 Sep 2007  Child (fiction)  On sex, conception, and birth into the world of the absurd.
6 Sep 2007  Act Like Old Friends (poetry)  To be young and happy and free.
4 Sep 2007  To Look at Dogs (poetry)  If dogs ran free. 
2 Sep 2007  Golden Hair (poetry)  Words on golden faith.
1 Sep 2007  Her Breathing Sea (fiction)  If the sea were a woman.