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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Ozymandias Brown

Ozymandias Brown is the alter-ego of Jared C-- , a doctor in Washington, D.C.  He graduated from Northwestern medical school in 2000, and completed his residency at Mercy Hospital in Washington in 2003.  Since then, he has gotten engaged: his wife is expecting their first child, a boy, in October, 2007.

In his spare time, he enjoys restoring old motorcycles, taking long drives up the East Coast, and watching kung-fu movies of any kind.  He loves to travel, particularly throughought Asia, and hopes to visit Mongolia sometime after the baby is born.

Items Authored:

adult content7 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 185-188 (poetry)  Four more instant classics in our collaborative work of exhaustive brilliance.
adult content10 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 77-80 (poetry)  Another batch of four horrors.
adult content9 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 73-76 (poetry)  More horrific haiku.
adult content8 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 69-72 (poetry)  The series changes hands again.
adult content5 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 57-60 (poetry)  Yet more.
adult content4 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 53-56 (poetry)  More perversion of a beautiful Japanese poetic form, this time with more poetry!
adult content3 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 49-52 (poetry)  Another dose of humorous haiku.
adult content2 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 45-48 (poetry)  A third author takes up the reigns.
14 Jul 2007  Angry Emo Love Letter (non-fiction)  The art of rejectionary self-loathing at play, burning bridges angrily.
1 Jul 2007  What Makes a Politician the "Real Thing" (non-fiction)  A short essay on a very closely guarded secret.