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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Julian X

Julian X lives in Illinois.  He holds an M.A. in French and an M.A. in English, for which he is studying for the Ph.D.

Items Authored:

18 Dec 2009  Explaining the Financial Crisis and the Bailouts (non-fiction)  Explained in simple, easy-to-understand language.
17 Sep 2009  Meet the Cunt #3:  The Republican Party (non-fiction)  Get real.  Republican sins and why no one should take them seriously ever again.
1 Sep 2009  Meet the Cunt #2:  Glenn Beck (non-fiction)  Psycho Fox host Glenn Beck embarrasses himself yet again, explaining that ACORN controls the planet's tides.
adult contentaudio available20 Apr 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2, Episode 7:  "On Location" (multimedia)  Julian and Greg conduct a podcast outside... in a rainstorm.
19 Apr 2009  The Pug and the Finch (scripts)  Fincha was a strange little finch who fell in love with a lonely pug.  But can a love between such different species survive?
adult contentaudio available17 Apr 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2, Episode 6:  "The Paradox Hour" (multimedia)  Julian attempts to prove Greg's idiocy by testing his understanding of logical paradoxes, such as that of Odysseus's ship.
adult contentaudio available16 Apr 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2, Episode 5:  "Legal Mutilation of Babies" (multimedia)  Greg and Julian argue over circumcision.
adult contentaudio available15 Apr 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 9:  "When is Rape Good?" (multimedia)  Julian gets his wish and hosts an abbreviated podcast by himself, letting loose his inner demons.
10 Apr 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast:  The Lost Episodes (sitenews)  Getting caught up on the podcast.
30 Mar 2009  Meet the Cunt #1:  Exxon (non-fiction)  All about the real corporate horror behind the Exxon Valdez oil spill, on the occasion of that spill's 20th anniversary.
6 Feb 2009  Military Display (poetry)  A brief poem.
4 Feb 2009  Dick Chaney Endorses Torture, Killing Americans (non-fiction)  Chaney and the pro-torture lobby now cross the line into treason.
adult contentaudio available22 Jan 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4:  "Totalitarian Japan, Part 371" (multimedia)  Greg finally wraps up his story of his time in Japan, including his long-promised sexual encounter.
adult contentaudio available15 Jan 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2, Episode 3:  "Ugly Americanism" (multimedia)  Greg continues his long and rambling story of his time teaching English in Japan, experiencing culture shock, and denigrating the local culture.
adult contentaudio available8 Jan 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2, Episode 2:  "Greg's Endless Rambling" (multimedia)  Greg continues his explanation of his time in Japan.
adult content1 Jan 2009  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Season 2, Episode 1:  "Japan, Police State" (multimedia)  Beginning our second season, Greg returns and explains where he disappeared to at the end of last season.
adult content3 Nov 2008  A-mazing a-mazos (scripts)  A comic book script about the Amazons, horrors to the ancient Greeks.
adult contentaudio available25 Oct 2008  Letter to the Other Man (poetry)  For the men too attached to kindness to understand (their and women's biologies).
6 Oct 2008  Palin on the Supreme Court (non-fiction)  Dissecting Palin's answer on Roe v. Wade.
5 Oct 2008  Palin Gaffs (non-fiction)  Some of Palin's greatest hits.
4 Oct 2008  Palin (non-fiction)  On McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential candidate.
28 Sep 2008  And When We Long, We Long as Gatsby (non-fiction)  Appreciating and understanding F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.
27 Sep 2008  “On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity,” 25 December 1629 (non-fiction)  Milton uses a poem on Christ's birth to bend time and space.
26 Sep 2008  Invocation to the Poetic Journey to Epic: “Hail native Language” (in “At a Vacation Exercise”) (non-fiction)  John Milton, as a young man, invokes his own poetic journey, wrapping all of his subsequent works in autobiographic meta-poetry.
25 Sep 2008  "W - a - l - d - e - n," a large number of words by "T - h - o - r - e - a - u" (non-fiction)  A major essay on Thoreau, writing, and American identity.
24 Sep 2008  The Old Conventional Metamorphosis:  Transvestitism in The Taming of the Shrew and Shakespeare (non-fiction)  Implications of cross-dressing in Shakespeare, paying particular attention to The Taming of the Shrew, that greatest of Shakespeare plays on gender.
23 Sep 2008  The Mistaken and Apologetic Chorus:  Shakespearean Faultlines in Henry V (non-fiction)  An essay by Julian Darius on the Chorus in Henry V and what it points out about the play's contradictions.
22 Sep 2008  Cast Away Review (non-fiction)  A satirical review, by Julian Darius, of the Tom Hanks picture, focusing on his character's love affair with Wilson.
21 Sep 2008  I Need a Secretary (non-fiction)  On the film Secretary and its social and philosophical implications.
20 Sep 2008  Against Gardner (non-fiction)  An essay critiquing the theory of multiple intelligences, attributed to Howard Gardner.
19 Sep 2008  Love the Good Women, Boys, Love the Good Women (non-fiction)  An essay on love and relationships... and a necessary counter-balance to men's knowledge and acceptance of their identities as men.
18 Sep 2008  How to Have Fun with Scrabble (non-fiction)  A post-colonial and postmodern linguistic analysis of the classic game Scrabble.
17 Sep 2008  The Party’s Raging but the Messiah Stands Us Up (non-fiction)  A brief message on religion and the freedom one slowly finds in its absence.
16 Sep 2008  Podcast Season 2 Coming (sitenews)  New material coming soon.
audio available15 Sep 2008  Hydroplaning (poetry)  Contingency, self-deception, and trauma.
adult content11 Sep 2008  Pulling the Cheese from the Mousetrap:  Donne’s “The Bait” as (Anti-)Pornographic Narrative Fantasy (non-fiction)  A new reading of Donne's "The Bait," as well as pornographic elements in Renaissance poetry that are often ignored by critics.
10 Sep 2008  Winter 2006 (artwork)  Images of winter in Illinois.
adult contentaudio available5 Sep 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 8:  "The Russian Interview" (multimedia)  Julian interviews a replacement for co-host Gregory Wilde:  a Russian bouncer.
4 Sep 2008  The Danger of Personality Tests (non-fiction)  The danger and power of online personality tests.
27 Aug 2008  Hillary's Convention Speech and Revisionist History (non-fiction)  Hillary's reinvention of herself as the female candidate -- and her offensive ignorance of the actual history of the women's movement.
27 Aug 2008  Hillary's Speech Good but Superficial (non-fiction)  How Hillary's convention speech, good as it was, may have actually hurt Obama's chances.
27 Aug 2008  Speeches that Could Have Been:  Hillary at the Convention (non-fiction)  What Hillary might have said.
23 Aug 2008  Biden is Obama's V.P. Choice (non-fiction)  Why I'm thrilled with Obama's choice -- and with Biden.
adult content14 Aug 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #4:  "I'm Here for My Cunt Exam!" (non-fiction)  A couple images from Japan using English amusingly.
adult contentaudio available12 Aug 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 7:  "The Trial of Gregory Wilde" (multimedia)  Julian calls a truce and lets Greg back on the show... only to put him on trial.
adult contentaudio available11 Jul 2008  Watching Alice Die (fiction)  Thinking about chest pains, dying, and when Alice put a bag over her head.
1 Jul 2008  One-Year Anniversary (sitenews)  A look back on the occasion of our one-year anniversary.
audio available29 Jun 2008  Machine Cacophony (multimedia)  An experimental song, the music for which is made from the sounds of machines.
24 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 6 of 6) (non-fiction)  In which we discuss and appraise the philosophy behind Gor, which sees women as liking to be slaves by nature.
22 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 5 of 6) (non-fiction)  The Goreans, who see women as natural slaves, join the Second Life community.
21 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 4 of 6) (non-fiction)  In which men take actual female slaves, inspired by the Gor series of novels, and run afoul of the BDSM community for not using safe words.
20 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 3 of 6) (non-fiction)  The Gor series of novels, in which women enjoy being slaves on an alien planet, inspires a movement.
19 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 2 of 6) (non-fiction)  The career of John Norman, creator of the Gor series, in which women like the be slaves.
18 Jun 2008  Life on Gor (Page 1 of 6) (non-fiction)  Meet the Goreans... followings of a series of sci-fi novels who think that women ought to be slaves -- and that they'll love it.
adult content17 Jun 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #3:  Masturbation Devices (non-fiction)  Three Japanese cases of masturbation technology:  the robotic wanking device, the ultra-cool masturbation cup, and the sperm microscope.
10 Jun 2008  While (poetry)  An environmental poem.
adult contentaudio available9 Jun 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 6:  "Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, I'm Free at Last" (multimedia)  Former co-hosts Julian Darius and Gregory Wilde, now at odds, host competing versions of the podcast.
8 Jun 2008  The Largest Garbage Dump on Earth (non-fiction)  In the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles from anywhere, there's a giant swirl of floating trash larger than Texas, where plastics kill fish and birds before filtering up to us.
6 Jun 2008  Tiananmen Square 19 Years Later (non-fiction)  China still holds something like 130 students from the 1989 protests.  As the Olympic games near, China seems to be massing for war.
adult contentaudio available4 Jun 2008  Drunken Rant (fiction)  The creator, caught on tape.
adult content3 Jun 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #2:  Pedophilia and Optimus Prime (non-fiction)  The history of the most notorious Transformers line in history:  Kiss Players, which saw Optimus Prime get an apparently underage girlfriend -- who the villains were implicitly out to rape.
adult contentaudio available2 Jun 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 5:  "Greg's Not Here" (multimedia)  Greg never shows up, but calls in... while Julian tries to keep the show going with an usual etymology.
1 Jun 2008  Eleven Months (sitenews)  A short note, after an eventful month, as we close in on our one-year anniversary.
31 May 2008  Ninjapug, Chapter 2:  "The Sad Reconnaissance of the Other!" (scripts)  In which Ninjapug (the pug who is a ninja!) meets his greatest enemy.  A script for a 10-minute (or so) animated show.
adult content30 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 12:  The Courting of Lavina (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which the final fate of Lavina is at last revealed.
adult content29 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 12:  The Courting of Lavina (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina finds herself in another harem, the very model upon which the earlier one was based.
adult content28 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 11:  Lavina the Slave (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina, sold as a slave, explores her new surroundings... and learns the origin of the harem.
adult content27 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 11:  Lavina the Slave (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina finds herself thrown into slavery... and taken to market.
adult contentaudio available26 May 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 4:  "Your Ad Here" (multimedia)  Now with public service announcements!  Plus the usual bitching about Hawaii and intellectual discussion.
adult content25 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 10:  Lavina in the Desert (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina, alone again, wanders through the desert.
adult content24 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 10:  Lavina in the Desert (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina and crew wander through the desert.
adult content23 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 9:  On the Island of Gyneclia (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  Concluding Lavina's adventures on a matriarchal island.
adult content22 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 9:  On the Island of Gyneclia (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina finds herself on a matriarchal island.
adult content21 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 8:  On the Island of Firanet (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  Concluding Lavina's experience on a patriarchal island.
adult content20 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 8:  On the Island of Firanet (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina lands on a patriarchal island.
adult contentaudio available19 May 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 3:  "The Cherry Blossoms Bloom" (multimedia)  Our third episode, in which we fight about being serioues and talk about love and American education, then argue after the show.
adult content18 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 7:  Lavina at Sea (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina is discovered stowing away.
adult content17 May 2008  Lavina, Canto 7:  Lavina at Sea (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina takes to the sea.
15 May 2008  Louvre, French Neoclassical Statuary (artwork)  French Neoclassical Statuary in the Louvre museum in Paris, France.
14 May 2008  Ninjapug, Chapter 1:  "The Deadly Start of the Great Warrior Pugs!" (scripts)  The origin story of Ninjapug, the pug who is a ninja!  A script for a 10-minute (or so) animated short.
adult content13 May 2008  Loving Japan Obligatory! #1:  Sex Doll (non-fiction)  Beginning a series on weird Japanese stuff.  Japan is a land where everything seems more technologically advanced... so why not the sex doll?
adult contentaudio available12 May 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 2:  "Sharks Rape as Well" (multimedia)  Our second installment, in which one co-host contemplates suicide and another leaves the microphone mid-show to bang on a typewriter.
7 May 2008  l'Arc de Triumphe (artwork)  Photographs of the Arc de Triumphe in Paris, France.
6 May 2008  Louvre (artwork)  Views outside and inside the Louvre museum in Paris, France, including some statuary.
adult contentaudio available5 May 2008  Literary Escort Services Podcast, Episode 1:  "The Starship Invades" (multimedia)  Our first rambling, hillarious, and just a little bit informative installment.
4 May 2008  Louvre, Classical Statuary (artwork)  Classical statuary in the Louvre museum in Paris, France.
3 May 2008  Versailles (artwork)  Various shots of Versailles, outside Paris, France.
1 May 2008  Getting Up Again (sitenews)  Our new objectives for May -- and a plea to let people know about the site.
adult contentaudio available30 Apr 2008  Harsh Country (fiction)  Another terrible man ends another failed relationship.
adult contentaudio available29 Apr 2008  Indian Statue #2 (poetry)  A description of a sacred statue.
adult contentaudio available28 Apr 2008  I've never come as hard as when (poetry)  An erotic anecdote.
27 Apr 2008  Blind men still care for their women’s beauty. (poetry)  On male enslavement to beauty.
adult content26 Apr 2008  Death raped her, (poetry)  Death as sex.
adult content25 Apr 2008  Rodrigo and Cesare Borgia (poetry)  On the famous Borgias, known for their violence, and the corruption of the Papacy.
adult content24 Apr 2008  Lucretia (poetry)  On the historical figure.
adult content23 Apr 2008  This body I give, she says, (poetry)  On possessing a woman.
adult content22 Apr 2008  I returned from the wars sixteen years ago (poetry)  On male haunting.
21 Apr 2008  Epit. (poetry)  Love / humanity / feelings and the erasing passage of time.
audio available20 Apr 2008  Another Original (poetry)  A beat poem on originality in art.
19 Apr 2008  Marseille (artwork)  A few photos taken in Marseille, France.
18 Apr 2008  Beaujolais (artwork)  Photographs of the Beaujolais region of France.
17 Apr 2008  Montrottier (artwork)  Photographs of Montrottier, France, and its environs.
16 Apr 2008  Menthon (artwork)  Photographs of Menthon, France, and its chateau.
15 Apr 2008  Waterfall Near Annecy (artwork)  The trek to, and view from, a waterfall near Annecy, France.
14 Apr 2008  Annecy (artwork)  Photographs of Annecy, France, and its lake in the French Alps.
13 Apr 2008  Palais à Annecy (artwork)  Photos of and in the medieval palace in the center of Annecy, France.
12 Apr 2008  CU:  Water (artwork)  Close-ups of water taken at the lake in Annecy, France.
11 Apr 2008  The Night They Set the Canal on Fire (artwork)  A ritual observed in Annecy, France.
10 Apr 2008  Swans at Annecy (artwork)  Photographs of swans taken in Annecy, France.
2 Apr 2008  Feminism was a Response to Dishwashers (non-fiction)  On the sexual revolution in evolutionary terms.
1 Apr 2008  Yellow Sign Series in the Vatican Museum (non-fiction)  On the most brilliant work in the Vatican Museum that you've never heard of:  a series of yellow warning signs that is both thoroughly postmodern and profoundly Christian.
26 Mar 2008  Obama Just the Beginning (non-fiction)  On what the Barack Obama phenomenon really means -- and where it goes from here.
25 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 10 (poetry)  Death.
24 Mar 2008  Unrealized Soulmate (poetry)  On getting over what-could-have-been.
19 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 7-9 (poetry)  Three more brief contemplations.
18 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 6 (poetry)  On the dual masks of tragedy and comedy.
17 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 5 (poetry)  On optimism / pessimism.
16 Mar 2008  Not a Song of Sadness (poetry)  On the patronizing solipsistic evaluation of intelligence.
8 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 4 (poetry)  Another song produced by chemical depression, this one about smiles.
7 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 3 (poetry)  On the moment of seeing the messenger and knowing that life will never be the same.
6 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 2 (poetry)  A second entry.
5 Mar 2008  Songs of Sadness 1 (poetry)  Caution:  no teenage angst allowed.
3 Mar 2008  Hillary:  Obama May be Muslim (non-fiction)  The latest in a long line of smears against Obama as Muslim.
1 Feb 2008  Falling Down (sitenews)  On soldiering on.
adult contentaudio available13 Jan 2008  Used Paradise (multimedia)  A country song about sex and the history of utopias, particularly of Eden.
11 Jan 2008  Unelectable Hillary (non-fiction)  On the myth that Hillary is somehow the Democrats' best shot.
adult content10 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 297-300 (poetry)  Celebrating our 300th perversion of the haiku form towards the depths of human depravity!
9 Jan 2008  Bush / Clinton (non-fiction)  Similarities between Bush and Clinton politics.
adult content8 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 293-296 (poetry)  Oh, yes:  four more!  Because you demanded it!
adult content6 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 289-292 (poetry)  Four more examples of the bounty that is Man.
adult content4 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 285-288 (poetry)  The first four entries in our Taboo Haiku series that work as a unit, yet remain independent haiku.  This batch is metafictional.
adult content2 Jan 2008  Taboo Haiku 281-284 (poetry)  God loves you.
1 Jan 2008  Ocean (poetry)  What the sea means to me and you, all lost in our blues without that blue.
1 Jan 2008  Half-Year Anniversary (sitenews)  Where we are and where we're going after six months.
adult content31 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 277-280 (poetry)  Four more wonders of the modern world.
adult content30 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 273-276 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content29 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 269-272 (poetry)  Four more ways to demonstrate mankind's joyous capacity.
adult content28 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 265-268 (poetry)  In which Taboo Haiku first becomes the subject of Taboo Haiku.
adult content27 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 261-264 (poetry)  Four more exemplar's of mankind's kindness.
adult content26 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 257-260 (poetry)  Four more wonders of the world.
adult content24 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 253-256 (poetry)  Four more cases of mankind's god-like status.
23 Dec 2007  The Problem with Such Self-Congratulation (poetry)  Cutting to the bone.
adult content23 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 249-252 (poetry)  Four more exemplars of mankind's ability to dream.
adult content22 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 245-248 (poetry)  Now with more carnage.
adult content21 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 241-244 (poetry)  More.
adult content20 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 237-240 (poetry)  Yet four more.
adult content19 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 233-236 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content18 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 229-232 (poetry)  Four more horrors.
adult content17 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 225-228 (poetry)  Four more perversions.
16 Dec 2007  Growing Chilies (poetry)  Of practicing for adulthood and mourning practicing's loss.
adult content16 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 221-224 (poetry)  Four more dainty but offensive poems.
adult content15 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 217-220 (poetry)  Four more dainty poems of rape and carnage.
adult content14 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 213-216 (poetry)  More perversions of a lovely Japanese poetic form that is supposed to emphasize nature.
adult content13 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 209-212 (poetry)  More perversions of the Japanese form.
adult content12 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 205-208 (poetry)  Another from the vaults.
adult content11 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 201-204 (poetry)  Continuing our hideous series.
adult content10 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 197-200 (poetry)  Our 200th installment in a truly horrible series.
9 Dec 2007  Julian the Philosopher (poetry)  On the brief Roman emperor, slandered as The Apostate, who was the last gasp of a fuller, more philosophical, all-embracing world.
8 Dec 2007  A Post-Colonial Tea (poetry)  On tea and China, nations colonial and colonized, old and new, old old and old new, new old and new new.
7 Dec 2007  Old Silt (poetry)  When the girl leaves, of hurricanes and Utopia.
adult contentaudio available6 Dec 2007  I'm Not Using You for Sex (multimedia)  A humorous but often true song about a poor boy who gets what he wants from women.
adult content6 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 181-184 (poetry)  Four more contemplations on the nothingness of being.
5 Dec 2007  Portraits of Pets (artwork)  Portraits, in pen on lined paper, of two beloved stuffed animals.
adult content5 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 177-180 (poetry)  Four more masterpieces of haiku gold.
adult content4 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 173-176 (poetry)  Four more wonders of Man's divine capabilities.
adult content3 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 169-172 (poetry)  Displaying the nobility of the human mind.
adult content2 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 165-168 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content1 Dec 2007  Taboo Haiku 161-164 (poetry)  Four more.
1 Dec 2007  Five Months (sitenews)  Where we are on our fifth-month anniversary.
adult content30 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 157-160 (poetry)  More.
adult content29 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 153-156 (poetry)  Four more perversions of the delicate Japanese poetic form.
adult content28 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 149-152 (poetry)  Four more diatribes on the kindliness of Man.
adult content27 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 145-148 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content26 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 141-144 (poetry)  Four more.
adult content25 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 137-140 (poetry)  Four more contemplations of flowers and mountains.
22 Nov 2007  Shedding Skins 7 (of 7) (fiction)  In which we conclude our bizarre but wonderfully evocative tale of lizards and coats.
21 Nov 2007  Shedding Skins 6 (of 7) (fiction)  In which our protagonist again travels to New Mexico.
20 Nov 2007  Shedding Skins 5 (of 7) (fiction)  In which the police get involved.
19 Nov 2007  Shedding Skins 4 (of 7) (fiction)  In which everything changes suddenly and without explanation.
18 Nov 2007  Shedding Skins 3 (of 7) (fiction)  In which our protagonist finds something odd in the shower.
17 Nov 2007  Shedding Skins 2 (of 7) (fiction)  In which our protagonist wanders into the rock and observes a strange ritual.
16 Nov 2007  Shedding Skins 1 (of 7) (fiction)  In which our protagonist travels to New Mexico and becomes a father.
adult content15 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 97-100 (poetry)  In which our series reaches its 100th installment.
adult content14 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 93-96 (poetry)  Four works of infinite poetic wonder.
adult content13 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 89-92 (poetry)  Another four for the mill.
adult content12 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 85-88 (poetry)  More joys of man's desiring.
adult content11 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 81-84 (poetry)  In French this time -- not only offensive, but also culturalist!
adult content7 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 65-68 (poetry)  More Japanese-inspired smut, cast in beautiful form best used to describe Mount Fuji.
adult content6 Nov 2007  Taboo Haiku 61-64 (poetry)  Another change of hands as the series continues, this time with a hardcore turn.
adult content2 Nov 2007  The Best that I Can Do (fiction)  Adolescence, suicide, meaninglessness, living:  how we never get over it, done with a choir of singing voices.
1 Nov 2007  Four Months (sitenews)  Coming this month on Literary Escort Services.
31 Oct 2007  Waikiki Halloween (artwork)  Photographs of Halloween night in Waikiki, when Bacchus rules and people take to the streets, often in costumes, to frolic, drink, and hook up.
adult content30 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 37-40 (poetry)  Yet more of the things.
adult content29 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 33-36 (poetry)  Another batch of filthy, detestable things.
adult content28 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 29-32 (poetry)  More horrific perversions of a once beautiful form.
adult content27 Oct 2007  Taboo Haiku 25-28 (poetry)  In which Julian Darius takes over the Taboo Haiku series, already in progress.
26 Oct 2007  Rome:  Pyramid of Cestius and Circus Maximus (artwork)  Photographs of the Pyramid of Cestius, built to the south of the city under Emperor Augustus, and of the Circus Maxiumus.
25 Oct 2007  Rome:  Ascending St. Peter's (artwork)  Photographs of the ascent in St. Peter's, including its roof and the view from the top.
24 Oct 2007  Rome:  St. Peter's (artwork)  Photographs of St. Peter's, at the Vatican, both inside and out.
23 Oct 2007  Rome:  Vatican Classical Statuary (artwork)  Photographs of classical statuary from the Vatican Museum.
22 Oct 2007  Rome:  Vatican Museum (artwork)  Photographs of the Vatican Museum.
21 Oct 2007  Rome:  The Pantheon and Streets to the Vatican (artwork)  Photographs of the Pantheon, Trajan's Column, and the nearby streets, as well as those near the Vatican.
20 Oct 2007  Rome:  Streets from the Forum to the Pantheon (artwork)  Photographs of the streets in Rome from the Forum to the Pantheon.
19 Oct 2007  Rome:  Forum (artwork)  Photographs of, and from, the Roman Forum.
18 Oct 2007  Rome:  Coliseum by Day (artwork)  Photographs of the Coliseum, including its interiors and surroundings, by day.
17 Oct 2007  Rome:  Coliseum at Night (artwork)  Photographs of the Coliseum and its surroundings at night.
16 Oct 2007  Rome:  Trevi Fountain and Streets (artwork)  Photographs of the streets of Rome, including the Trevi fountain.
15 Oct 2007  Rome:  Streets (artwork)  Photographs of the streets of Rome.
14 Oct 2007  Rome:  Plaza of the Republic (artwork)  Photographs of a plaza in Rome, including the basilica there.
11 Oct 2007  The Only Squirrel in Hawaii (scripts)  The script to an illustrated children's book about a squirrel, stranded by fate in Hawaii.
10 Oct 2007  For the Love of a Puppy (scripts)  The script to an illustrated children's book about a boy who so loved his puppy that he journeyed the world over.
adult content9 Oct 2007  Shaharazade and the King, Chapter 2 (of 2), Part 2 (of 2) (scripts)  In which we conclude our comic book adaptation of the framing sequence to The Arabian Nights.
adult content8 Oct 2007  Shaharazade and the King, Chapter 2 (of 2), Part 1 (of 2) (scripts)  In which Shaharazade decides to become the king's wife, at risk of her own death.
adult content7 Oct 2007  Shaharazade and the King, Chapter 1 (of 2), Part 2 (of 2) (scripts)  Continuing the story of Shahzaman and Shahrayar -- and their drastic response to the queen's infidelity.
adult content6 Oct 2007  Shaharazade and the King, Chapter 1 (of 2), Part 1 (of 2) (scripts)  Beginning an adaptation, in comic book script, of the framing sequence of The Arabian Nights.
5 Oct 2007  God’s Five-Fingered Hand, American (poetry)  A rumination through history, chance, and the self.
4 Oct 2007  Aphorism (fiction)  Because of my respect for him and the difficulty I found in understanding him, I began to write down particular statements of his.
audio available3 Oct 2007  The Land before Heartbreak (multimedia)  A painful song with a punk sensibility about the inability to touch a wounded heart.
2 Oct 2007  On Wordsworth and Romantic Assumptions about Poetry (poetry)  A essay in verse on Wordsworth's misrepresentation of himself -- and our resulting misunderstanding of Romanticism.
1 Oct 2007  First Quarter (sitenews)  A short notice upon our three-month anniversary.
adult content30 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 6:  Return to Halyptus (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina returns home.
adult content29 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 6:  Return to Halyptus (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Lavina's father tells her everything.
adult content28 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 5:  Anarolyni and the Harem (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which Anarolyni turns his tender attentions to the harem and Lavina.
adult content27 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 5:  Anarolyni and the Harem (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which the new king guts the nursery and an infamous scene involving maces occurs.
adult content26 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 4:  The Fall of the House of Borheya (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which the royal family is gutted.
adult content25 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 4:  The Fall of the House of Borheya (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Cesinare expands the harem and focuses on the family.
adult content24 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 3:  Cesinare and the Harem (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which the harem falls under a new and different reign.
adult content23 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 3:  Cesinare and the Harem (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which Cesinare ascends the throne and discovers the harem.
adult content22 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 2:  Isabel and the Harem (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which Isabel is accepted into the harem and befriended by Lavina.
adult content21 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 2:  Isabel and the Harem (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which the real Isabel arrives in the harem while the girls adjust.
adult content20 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 1:  Lavina and the Prince (Part 2 of 2) (poetry)  In which the horror of Lavina's fairy tale marriage is revealed.
adult content19 Sep 2007  Lavina, Canto 1:  Lavina and the Prince (Part 1 of 2) (poetry)  In which a prince meets sweet Lavina in her country home.
18 Sep 2007  Venice:  Sailing to Lido (artwork)  Photographs of Venice, including the island of Lido.
17 Sep 2007  Venice:  Streets and Details (artwork)  Photographs of the streets, and some of the details, of Venice.
16 Sep 2007  Venice:  St. Mark's (Part 2) (artwork)  Concluding a photographic study of St. Mark's in Venice, Italy.
15 Sep 2007  Venice:  St. Mark's (Part 1) (artwork)  Beginning a photographic study of St. Mark's in Venice, Italy.
14 Sep 2007  Venice:  Boats (artwork)  Photographs of the boats in Venice, including both gondollas and the water metro.
13 Sep 2007  Venice:  Bridges (artwork)  Photographs of the bridges of Venice.
12 Sep 2007  Venice:  Wide (artwork)  Wide-shot photographs of Venice, its canals, its boats, its people, and its glory.
11 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 4) (artwork)  Concluding our series of photographs of the buildings on Venice.
10 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 3) (artwork)  Photographs of the buildings on Venice, built on, against, and through the water.
9 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 2) (artwork)  Photographs of buildings against the canals of Venice, Italy.
8 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 1) (artwork)  Photographs of the buildings of Venice.
7 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 6) (non-fiction)  Concluding our study, we now look at Shakespeare's poetry and offer a conclusion -- as well as our study's bibliography.
6 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 5) (non-fiction)  We now turn to Renaissance poetry, particularly that of John Donne and Ben Jonson.
5 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 4) (non-fiction)  This time, we turn to the plays of Ben Jonson.
4 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 3) (non-fiction)  Continuing our look at how his audience influenced Shakespeare's plays.
3 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 2) (non-fiction)  Continuing our look at how the audience affected English Renaissance literature, we now turn to Shakespeare.
2 Sep 2007  The English Renaissance Audience (Part 1) (non-fiction)  Beginning a look at the audience of the English Renaissance and how it informed production of both plays and poetry.
1 Sep 2007  Once More with Feeling (sitenews)  On our two-month anniversary and how it's time to begin some long-form projects.
31 Aug 2007  Self-Portraits (artwork)  Photographs of the artist by the artist.
30 Aug 2007  Oahu (artwork)  Photographs, both natural and urban, from the island of Oahu in Hawaii.
29 Aug 2007  Mental Landscape, Virtually Conceived (poetry)  The poetry of computing.
28 Aug 2007  Dissemination: Penetration (Insemination) (poetry)  On Jacques Derrida, deconstruction, and... bedplay.
27 Aug 2007  Love Poem to Penelope (poetry)  An argument for older, tested, battered, sustained love.
26 Aug 2007  Crayons (artwork)  Two images made with crayons.
25 Aug 2007  But in Her Heart Suspects / And How Much He’d Like (poetry)  On a relationship's unstated.
24 Aug 2007  Koi (artwork)  Photographs of koi.  Taken in Hawaii.
23 Aug 2007  Childhood (artwork)  Images of a bicycle left in a dried Canadian riverbed.
22 Aug 2007  Buk's Bucks (poetry)  On Charles Bukowski and the ironies of his late life.
21 Aug 2007  The "half-told and mangled tale" of Caleb Williams (Part 1) (non-fiction)  An argument for the unreliable narrator in William Godwin's novel Caleb Williams.
21 Aug 2007  The "half-told and mangled tale" of Caleb Williams (Part 2) (non-fiction)  Concluding our argument for the unreliable narrator in William Godwin's novel Caleb Williams.
20 Aug 2007  CXXI in seq. (poetry)  On Ezra Pound, his relationships, and old age... in the style of Pound's Cantos.
adult content19 Aug 2007  Blue White Black Red (artwork)  Studies of the female form, from iconic to experimental, that limit themselves to a narrow palette.
18 Aug 2007  One-Liners (poetry)  A collection of several one-line poems on various subjects.
17 Aug 2007  Vespucci (poetry)  On Thoreau, Vespucci, and the paradoxes of American identity.
16 Aug 2007  London (Part 3) (artwork)  Concluding our look at London, we here track the route from Westminster up to Trafalgar... and take a look at the Underground.
15 Aug 2007  Quoth the Sadomasochist (poetry)  On Zeus and unrestrained sexuality.
14 Aug 2007  Implications of Dante’s Placing of Ulysses in Hell (non-fiction)  A new examination of Dante's famously controversial choice.
13 Aug 2007  And Still He Stands upon the Railroad Track (poetry)  A narrative villainelle about a father, a daughter, and a train.
12 Aug 2007  les Fleurs (artwork)  Close-ups of flowers shot in Annecy, France, in the summer of 2003.
11 Aug 2007  Sappho’s Frag. 31 (poetry)  A new translation of Sappho, employing computer typesetting techniques.
10 Aug 2007  Anti-Feminist Propaganda (artwork)  Two works of anti-feminist propaganda, focusing on the conformity of political correctness.
9 Aug 2007  London (Part 2) (artwork)  Continuing our photographs of London, this time focusing on Westminster, with attention to Parliament and Westminster Abbey... as well as the current protests of Blair and the war in Iraq.
8 Aug 2007  Improper Usage (poetry)  On regulating sex.
7 Aug 2007  On "Renaissance" (Part 2) (non-fiction)  Concluding our look at the term and what it represents.
7 Aug 2007  On "Renaissance" (Part 1) (non-fiction)  On the term and what it represents, illustrated with examples.
audio available6 Aug 2007  Fuck Me in the Morning (poetry)  A sparse poem on a girl who loved poetry and playing the lover.
5 Aug 2007  Seattle (artwork)  Photographs from a Sunday morning in Seattle.  Taken during the summer of 2003.
audio available4 Aug 2007  “The South is a Story That Doesn’t Know It’s a Story Telling Stories” (poetry)  On the American South.
adult contentaudio available3 Aug 2007  I Want to Fuck Your Cunt (multimedia)  A parody of the classic Beatles song, "I Want to Hold Your Hand," that mercilessly tears all the sweet, censored innocence away from the original.
2 Aug 2007  London (Part 1) (artwork)  Photographs of London, focusing on Millennium Bridge, St. Paul's, and the panoramic view from the top of that cathedral.
1 Aug 2007  One Month Anniversary (sitenews)  Where we are and where we're going.
audio available31 Jul 2007  le Carlin (poetry)  A poem, in French, about the pug.
audio available30 Jul 2007  l'Esprit évacué (poetry)  A meditation, in French, about death and forgetting.
audio available29 Jul 2007  Happy Ending (fiction)  A woman tries to fill the holes in her life over many decades.
audio available28 Jul 2007  Mr. Jones and Me (poetry)  A portrait of poverty in a world of stock markets, slick advertising, and sick politics.
audio available27 Jul 2007  Marketing Genius (poetry)  On the commodification of genius, such as it may be ascertained.
adult content26 Jul 2007  Minimal Series (artwork)  Four abstracted studies of the female form.
adult content25 Jul 2007  Corrupt (part 2 of 2) (scripts)  Concluding the ultra-violent tragi-parody, half satire of cop shows, half serious HBO series proposal.
adult content25 Jul 2007  Corrupt (part 1 of 2) (scripts)  A tragi-parody, half satire of cop shows, half serious HBO series proposal.
audio available24 Jul 2007  Nancy (poetry)  On fierce loving and fiercer fighting.
audio available23 Jul 2007  femme sans assez d’espace (poetry)  A poem, in French, on fire, eyes, and a woman without enough space.
audio available22 Jul 2007  The Hounding of Harold Calfe (fiction)  A professor dies in his office after facing dismissal for his affair with a student.
21 Jul 2007  Snow (scripts)  A short thematic comic book script starring Irene, a female martial artist.
20 Jul 2007  Shooting Permit (scripts)  Irene, our resident ninja, visits Los Angeles.
adult content19 Jul 2007  5 for the Imagination (artwork)  Three electronic pieces studying the female form.
18 Jul 2007  The Meaning of Life (part 2 of 2) (scripts)  The story of William Drooker, who learned the meaning of life directly from God, concludes.
18 Jul 2007  The Meaning of Life (part 1 of 2) (scripts)  God tells a man the meaning of life -- with unpredictable results.
audio available17 Jul 2007  The Ape Cheers at the Bride's Vagina (poetry)  On marriage, society, and poetry.
audio available16 Jul 2007  I Want a Girl Like Doctor Doom's (poetry)  Just what it says on the box.
adult contentaudio available15 Jul 2007  @13:  Three Vignettes (fiction)  A dog, a contemporary girl, and a wife in Ancient Athens -- all at 13 years of age.
adult contentaudio available14 Jul 2007  Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life (excerpt) (poetry)  An excerpt from a fractured, searching, brutal, silent, senseless, mad poetic epic about sex and sexual longing.
adult contentaudio available13 Jul 2007  Nine (fiction)  George has an outsized penis.  This is his life.
adult content12 Jul 2007  Fuck Windows (artwork)  Two collages studying the female form.
11 Jul 2007  Dog Viagra (scripts)  A short comedy piece broken into several distinct, short and pithy segments.
audio available10 Jul 2007  Objets de méditation (poetry)  A poem, in French, about finding bodies in a washing machine.  Inspired by real events.
audio available9 Jul 2007  Self-Exile as a Means of Preventing Prophecy (poetry)  On a moment -- and its implications.
audio available8 Jul 2007  16 Characters, 44 Stories, and the Bird Flies Away (fiction)  A short story with an ensemble cast that experiments with form.
adult content7 Jul 2007  Peace, Chapter 1 (part 2 of 2) (scripts)  We continue story of Irene, the Greek girl who married a Japanese man only to lose everything.
adult content7 Jul 2007  Peace, Chapter 1 (part 1 of 2) (scripts)  Irene, a poor Greek girl, marries a Japanese businessman.  Then everything goes wrong, and her life is thrown into the flames.
audio available6 Jul 2007  Short Poems (poetry)  A collection of several short poems on various subjects.
adult content5 Jul 2007  Doorway and Falling for Him (artwork)  Two doorway-sized studies of the female form.
4 Jul 2007  Transgression (scripts)  Bob goes to work.  Bob handles reports.  Bob does the same thing every day.
audio available3 Jul 2007  He dared, the muses said (poetry)  On the man who defiled every book in Barnes & Noble.
audio available2 Jul 2007  Yes, Angel (poetry)  Loving from distant points of view, yet no less the stronger for it.
1 Jul 2007  Adventures in Celebrity Biography (scripts)  A comedy skit featuring "Woody Allen, Gangster!" and other goodness.
adult contentaudio available1 Jul 2007  I Want to Fuck like 9/11 (poetry)  On sex, post-9/11:  you know the administration plays these games in private.
audio available1 Jul 2007  Going Home (fiction)  A short, ostensibly surreal story about the history of meaning and the meaning of history.
1 Jul 2007  Launch Party (sitenews)  What is Literary Escort Services?
14 Mar 2007  Debuting 1 July 2007 (sitenews)  Announcing Literary Escort Services, servicing artistic desire since 1599.