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Items Authored:

15 May 2008  Louvre, French Neoclassical Statuary (artwork)  French Neoclassical Statuary in the Louvre museum in Paris, France.
7 May 2008  l'Arc de Triumphe (artwork)  Photographs of the Arc de Triumphe in Paris, France.
6 May 2008  Louvre (artwork)  Views outside and inside the Louvre museum in Paris, France, including some statuary.
4 May 2008  Louvre, Classical Statuary (artwork)  Classical statuary in the Louvre museum in Paris, France.
3 May 2008  Versailles (artwork)  Various shots of Versailles, outside Paris, France.
19 Apr 2008  Marseille (artwork)  A few photos taken in Marseille, France.
26 Oct 2007  Rome:  Pyramid of Cestius and Circus Maximus (artwork)  Photographs of the Pyramid of Cestius, built to the south of the city under Emperor Augustus, and of the Circus Maxiumus.
25 Oct 2007  Rome:  Ascending St. Peter's (artwork)  Photographs of the ascent in St. Peter's, including its roof and the view from the top.
24 Oct 2007  Rome:  St. Peter's (artwork)  Photographs of St. Peter's, at the Vatican, both inside and out.
23 Oct 2007  Rome:  Vatican Classical Statuary (artwork)  Photographs of classical statuary from the Vatican Museum.
22 Oct 2007  Rome:  Vatican Museum (artwork)  Photographs of the Vatican Museum.
21 Oct 2007  Rome:  The Pantheon and Streets to the Vatican (artwork)  Photographs of the Pantheon, Trajan's Column, and the nearby streets, as well as those near the Vatican.
20 Oct 2007  Rome:  Streets from the Forum to the Pantheon (artwork)  Photographs of the streets in Rome from the Forum to the Pantheon.
19 Oct 2007  Rome:  Forum (artwork)  Photographs of, and from, the Roman Forum.
18 Oct 2007  Rome:  Coliseum by Day (artwork)  Photographs of the Coliseum, including its interiors and surroundings, by day.
17 Oct 2007  Rome:  Coliseum at Night (artwork)  Photographs of the Coliseum and its surroundings at night.
16 Oct 2007  Rome:  Trevi Fountain and Streets (artwork)  Photographs of the streets of Rome, including the Trevi fountain.
15 Oct 2007  Rome:  Streets (artwork)  Photographs of the streets of Rome.
14 Oct 2007  Rome:  Plaza of the Republic (artwork)  Photographs of a plaza in Rome, including the basilica there.
18 Sep 2007  Venice:  Sailing to Lido (artwork)  Photographs of Venice, including the island of Lido.
17 Sep 2007  Venice:  Streets and Details (artwork)  Photographs of the streets, and some of the details, of Venice.
16 Sep 2007  Venice:  St. Mark's (Part 2) (artwork)  Concluding a photographic study of St. Mark's in Venice, Italy.
15 Sep 2007  Venice:  St. Mark's (Part 1) (artwork)  Beginning a photographic study of St. Mark's in Venice, Italy.
14 Sep 2007  Venice:  Boats (artwork)  Photographs of the boats in Venice, including both gondollas and the water metro.
13 Sep 2007  Venice:  Bridges (artwork)  Photographs of the bridges of Venice.
12 Sep 2007  Venice:  Wide (artwork)  Wide-shot photographs of Venice, its canals, its boats, its people, and its glory.
11 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 4) (artwork)  Concluding our series of photographs of the buildings on Venice.
10 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 3) (artwork)  Photographs of the buildings on Venice, built on, against, and through the water.
9 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 2) (artwork)  Photographs of buildings against the canals of Venice, Italy.
8 Sep 2007  Venice:  Building on Water (Part 1) (artwork)  Photographs of the buildings of Venice.
16 Aug 2007  London (Part 3) (artwork)  Concluding our look at London, we here track the route from Westminster up to Trafalgar... and take a look at the Underground.
9 Aug 2007  London (Part 2) (artwork)  Continuing our photographs of London, this time focusing on Westminster, with attention to Parliament and Westminster Abbey... as well as the current protests of Blair and the war in Iraq.
2 Aug 2007  London (Part 1) (artwork)  Photographs of London, focusing on Millennium Bridge, St. Paul's, and the panoramic view from the top of that cathedral.