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Peace and Other Stories

Fragments of a Formerly Active Sex Life

Louvre, French Neoclassical Statuary
by Julian X  /  artwork  /  15 May 2008

French Neoclassical Statuary 1

French Neoclassical Statues 1

French Neoclassical Statues 1 (another)

French Neoclassical Statues 1 (side)

French Neoclassical Statues 2

French Neoclassical Statues 3

French Neoclassical Statues 4

French Neoclassical Statues 5

Man Holds French Neoclassical Statue's Crotch

French Neoclassical Statues 6

French Neoclassical Statues 7

French Neoclassical Statuary 2

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Louvre, French Neoclassical Statuary
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Winter 2006